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Yunnan Innyo Co., Ltd. is excited to collaborate with @visityunnan and share a series of videos of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road in Yunnan, China. The videos feature charming villages, famous tea mountains, delicious local cuisine, and comfortable accommodations, making Yunnan’s Ancient Tea-Horse Road known worldwide.

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road is a time-honored trade route connecting Southwest China with Tibet and Central Asia, with rich cultural and historical importance. The well-crafted tourism video covers four captivating themes, capturing the essence of Yunnan’s Ancient Tea-Horse Road experience.

Mysterious Villages
This video series showcases ancient village architecture, local villagers’ customs, and various handicrafts in Yunnan. These videos offer a unique opportunity to experience Yunnan’s ancient villages while mesmerized by their awe-inspiring landscapes.

Six Great Tea Mountains
These videos explore the six tea mountains scattered along the Lancang River in Yunnan, where the finest teas are cultivated. Witness the complex process of tea production, from picking tea leaves to tasting the tea. The video highlights international travelers enjoying the unique flavors of Yunnan tea amidst lush green tea gardens.

Food and Scenery
Embark on a gastronomic journey along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, savoring diverse Yunnan delicacies from different regions. The video showcases the local cuisines of various ethnic groups, such as grilled fish with lemongrass and boiled chicken with sour bamboo shoots. Scenes of ethnic minorities singing and dancing at banquets highlight the region’s cultural diversity.

Banshan Hotel
These videos showcase the Banshan Hotel’s beautiful surroundings, distinctive design, impeccable service, and serene ambiance. Experience comfort and luxury at the Banshan Hotel along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, Indulging in the stories of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road while rejuvenating amidst nature’s beauty.

These captivating video series are being released on @visityunnan’s major media platforms. To stay updated and explore the Ancient Tea-Horse Road in-depth, visit the official TikTok account @visityunnan, the official Facebook account @GoYunnan.Official, and the official Youtube account @visityunnan21! Join us on this virtual journey to rediscover history and immerse yourself in Yunnan’s rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and warm hospitality.