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The dreams, ambitions and history of the oldest and most successful amateur sports association in Tuscany travel beyond borders, across the Channel, reaching England and the Borgia Initiative for the Development of Youth Aquatic Sports CIC (BIDYAS), the English community investment company founded by the CEO Lorna Borgia, as of today the new partner of Rari Nantes Florentia.

An agreement that marks the beginning of an important project for BIDYAS which aims to increase the professionalism, promotion, participation and profitability of water polo, as confirmed by Lorna Borgia, founder and CEO of BIDYAS: “I thank sincerely to President Pieri for his willingness and enthusiasm with which he welcomed us. I would like to clarify that the best interests of the club have remained a key priority since the first hours of the negotiation. President Pieri’s love and passion will remain at the heart of this project, because his contribution was instrumental in making it a reality. His dedication to this club will be honored and remembered for years to come. Water polo is one of the toughest sports in the world and the efforts of the athletes are enormous. It is one a sport that is significantly underrated. It is a sport with great potential and opportunities for growth. Starting tomorrow we will work to bring this sport and this club to the highest technical and professional levels. Our goal is to bring Rare Nantes Florentia back to the top of Italian and European water polo, through hard work, determination, fair play, inclusion and innovation. These core values guide BIDYAS and blend perfectly with the values of Rari Nantes Florentia”.

The words of the founder of BIDYAS are echoed by those of the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Florence, Cosimo Guccione and the President of Rari Nantes Florentia Andrea Pieri: “We thank BIDYAS and Dr. Borgia for the commitment and the human and economic resources that will bring within Rari – underlined the red and white number one, who added – Their intervention and their experience will be the lifeblood for the sporting relaunch and the ambitions of the club. Our objectives from today will find a concrete and real basis on which to build the future. We look forward to building together with BYDIAS a new and long successful path for Firenze la Rari”.