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The sun and the garrigue, the bastide villages surrounded by lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see, the strident chirping of the cicadas… It is because he fell under the spell of the Mediterranean region and the fruits of its land, especially its olives, that Laurent Marchand, president of Groupe GM, market leader in hotel amenity products, was motivated to create and provide amenities that respect and reproduce the generosity of nature. 20 years ago, in 2003, the first DAMANA® line, Earth & Sun, was launched. DAMANA® Earth & Sun line was then followed by DAMANA® Néroli, and DAMANA® Organic Bath Line.

Simplicity, authenticity and joy have been at the heart of what DAMANA® does best from the very beginning. The range has strived to continuously reinvent itself throughout its history, adhering to the core principles of the brand and maintaining a level of richness and luxury in every iteration of the range.

The DAMANA® ranges are underpinned by the authenticity and diversity of natural-sourced, artisanal ingredients, and a passion for well-being, effectiveness and green credentials. With an unwavering commitment to developing luxurious products that are as natural and eco-friendly as possible.

In support of its Care About Earth program, Groupe GM, the world’s leading player in the hotel amenity industry, is relaunching its DAMANA® hotel lines, with an emphasis on sustainability.

DAMANA® Earth and Sun

The Mediterranean harbours the essence of the DAMANA® Earth and Sun line. Inspired by traditional methods, DAMANA® Earth and Sun is a range of products enriched with different herbal extracts and a subtle perfume with natural aromatic sunny floral heart and a woody base scent, rejoicing in the earth and the sun for the well-being of all. DAMANA® Earth and Sun formulas are vegan-certified, GMO-free, gluten-free, and contain up to 98% natural origin ingredients.

The DAMANA® Earth and Sun line features a cleansing gel, body & hair gel, body lotion, conditioning shampoo and conditioner all in 40ml bottles made from 100% recycled materials. The line also features 30g bath salts with relaxing jasmine extracts, and bars of gentle olive soap in 20g, 40g, and 80g sizes, all certified RSPO and housed FSC carboard boxes.

In a bid to help protect natural resources such as water, DAMANA® Earth & Sun now offers a range of solid cosmetic products including a body wash, shampoo, conditioning shampoo, and conditioner. This solid range is 100% plastic-free thanks to FSC-certified cardboard packaging.

DAMANA® Earth & Sun cleansing gel, body & hair gel, conditioner, and hand & body lotion can now be found in an Ecopump format. Ecopump are large-capacity dispensers, available in 300ml. The 300ml dispensers is in 100% recycled plastic. Several secure wall bracket options are available in combination with the Ecopump in a single, double, or triple format made of stainless steel, chrome-plated brass or ABS plastic and can be fixed to the wall with screws or double-sided tape.

The Ecosource airless dispenser, certified European and Scandinavian Ecolabel (Nordic Swan label), is the first cosmetic dispenser with guaranteed preservative-free formulas, as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment. Its 375ml sterile pouches, containing only 10g of plastic, offer a combination of quality, ecology and safety and are available in cleansing gel and hair and body gel for the DAMANA® Earth & Sun range.

Finally, the DAMANA® Earth & Sun cleansing gel, body & hair gel, conditioner, and body lotion now come in a new innovative refillable and traceable eco-friendly dispenser, the Ecofill. This patent pending dispenser is a clean, safe, fast, and easy solution with a minimum environmental impact. Ecofill bottles are refilled with 400 ml sealed pouches, made with only 8g of plastic, which guarantees minimum packaging and total cosmetic traceability. Ecofill bottles also come with a stainless steel or ABS recyclable plastic wall bracket that can be fastened to the wall using two screws or double-sided adhesive tape.

DAMANA® Néroli

DAMANA® Néroli brings a delicate floral touch to the DAMANA® family, evoking images of orange blossom and the Mediterranean sun. Néroli is 100% inspired by nature, offering products with soothing natural extracts of orange flower, to give the feeling of well-being, care, and softness.

DAMANA® Néroli formulas contains up to 98% natural origins ingredients that are certified vegan and GMO and Gluten free. The DAMANA® Néroli range consists of cleansing gel, hair & body gel, conditioning shampoo, conditioner and body lotion available in 30ml tubes made from 90% plant-based materials topped off with recycled plastic caps. The cleansing gel and hair & body gel are also available in a 300ml, 100% recycled plastic bottle with bioresin pump, Ecopump format. Rounding out the line is a 15g bitter orange scented RSPO soap in recycled cardboard packaging.

DAMANA® Organic Bath Line

The DAMANA® Organic Bath Line is enriched with soothing and regenerating aloe vera extracts, and subtly fragranced with a cotton flower scent, to promote the well-being and happiness of any guest. Certified Cosmos Organic by Cosmecert according to the Cosmos-standard, the formulas are vegan, contain up to 99% natural origins ingredients (12% of which originate from organic farming).

The DAMANA® Organic Bath Line consists of shower gel, hair & body gel, 2 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion in 30ml bottles made from 100% recycled plastic with an alu cap. DAMANA® Organic Bath Line also features both 400ml Ecofill and 300ml Ecopump packaging in 100% recycled plastic for its liquid soap, hair & body gel, and body lotion products. The product range is rounded out with 20g & 40g soaps, and a tray accessory that is made from biodegradable materials to hold products that will suit all decor and environments.

Care About Earth

The DAMANA® line is fully compliant with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program, which aims to reduce the impact of its products on the environment and contribute to sustainability to protect the planet for many generations to come. As an eco-responsible amenities supplier, Groupe GM consistently prioritizes the usage of plant-based materials, post-industry or post-consumer recycled plastics and the sourcing of 100% renewable raw materials.

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, recently commented on the updated range saying: “The updated DAMANA® range embodies our commitments to excellence and customer care at Groupe GM, starting with the revamp of some of our best-known product lines. We will continue our efforts to ensure that we minimize the impact of the hospitality industry on the environment.”

Discover all the brands offered by Groupe GM at: www.groupegm.com/en/ – or alternatively contact your local distributor. Contact for Australia (Robert Weatherdon – RobertW@weatherdon.com.au) and New Zealand (+64 0 274 344 011) or by email at sales@parisgroupe.com.