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Oceania CruisesOceania Cruises, the renowned culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, has recently announced an exciting addition to its Oceania Rewards program for travel advisors in Australia and New Zealand. The cruise line has introduced a new automated incentive system, which makes it simpler and more convenient for travel advisors to earn and claim rewards points on verified Oceania Cruises bookings.

The new system allows trade partners to accumulate points for every Oceania Cruises stateroom booked, with different categories earning different points. For instance, bookings for a C-G Grade Stateroom can earn 5 points, while bookings for an OS Grade stateroom can earn an impressive 30 points. One Oceania Rewards point is equivalent to AU/NZ$1, which can be redeemed for Amazon and Coles Group gift codes.

Moreover, Oceania Cruises is offering a special Oceania Rewards launch promotion for selected sailings. Travel advisors can earn double points for a Grand Voyage booking, triple points for an Around the World Official Sector booking, and 10x the points for a full Around the World booking.

The automated incentive system is designed to make it easier for travel advisors to earn and claim rewards points. Travel advisors who join Oceania Rewards will earn $15 simply by registering now. After registration, points will be verified and automatically awarded to the trade partner’s account on receipt of the final balance for the booking claimed. Once bookings are paid and verified, Oceania Cruises will upload points that can be redeemed at Amazon and Coles Group.

To register for the Oceania Rewards program, interested travel advisors can visit www.oceaniarewards.com.au/register/. For further inquiries, Oceania Cruises’ Inside Sales team can be reached at insidesalesanz@oceaniacruises.com.

In conclusion, the introduction of the automated incentive system by Oceania Cruises is a game-changer for travel advisors in Australia and New Zealand. This new system makes it easier for travel advisors to earn and claim rewards points and offers them an opportunity to earn even more points with the special launch promotion. It’s a win-win for travel advisors and Oceania Cruises, as it encourages more bookings and strengthens the cruise line’s relationship with its trade partners.

*Coles Group gift codes are only available for redemption by agents registered in Australia.




Written by: Stephen Morton