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Hotel SignSouth Korean hospitality tech company, MyCONECT, launched its hotel PMS (property management system) app on April 1, offering a 360-degree guest-centric platform that syncs and connects guests, hotel staff, and hotel operators. The platform aims to provide seamless efficiency in operations and top-quality guest experiences, a welcome solution to an industry still grappling with pandemic-related challenges.Walk-In_MyCONECT

With the pandemic resulting in extra duties and higher turnovers for hotel staff, manpower shortages remain a significant pain point for the industry as traveller volumes are expected to increase by more than 50% for Singapore pre-pandemic. To address this challenge, hotels have turned to new technologies, with up to 64% of hotels using new technologies to attract and retain their workforce. Market projections show that the hotel and hospitality management software market will grow by US$ 1.1762 billion from 2022 to 2027.

MyCONECT, founded by Dong Shik (James) Kim in February 2021, offers a 360-degree guest-centric approach to hospitality management. The MyCONECT Staff App coordinates tasks and communications between staff and guests. At the same time, the MyCONECT Guest App provides intuitive, contactless solutions for mobile bookings, check-in and check-outs, and access to hotel services from mobile devices.

Industry partner and early investor of MyCONECT, Dong-Heum Bae, founder of RACOS System, has praised the platform, stating that it “integrates easily with a wide range of hardware and software used in hotels, and I believe that they are a great digitalization solution that manages the operations of the property that hoteliers should consider.”

MyCONECT was nominated as one of the Top 25 SaaS Companies and Startups in Seoul by BestStartupAsia and plans to be in 50 hotel properties by the end of the year across APAC, Europe, America, and the Middle East. The company’s founder, Dong Shik Kim, who has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality field, aims to make MyCONECT a mainstay product for the industry. He said, “As digitalization becomes a standard, hotels need to match the personalization needs of their guests with speed and ease. We designed MyCONECT to be the bridge for collaboration between products and partners to meet that demand.”

MyCONECT targets 170 hotel properties worldwide by 2025, with projected sales figures of US$ 39 million. With its innovative platform, the company is poised to provide the hospitality industry with a solution to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, offering an efficient and guest-centric approach to hotel management.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)