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The Polish Tourism Organization and Michelin Guide have signed an agreement to showcase Polish cities in the globally recognized Michelin Guide. The initial focus will be on Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and their surrounding areas.

The selection of cities is the first stage of cooperation between the Polish Tourism Organization and the Michelin Guide. Currently, inspectors have already set out to verify and evaluate local restaurants in Poland. This is an opportunity for the entire gastronomic industry in the largest Polish cities to showcase themselves in the best possible light and to be part of an elite group of places that guarantee the highest culinary experiences. In the second stage, planned for June, there will be a summary and awarding of prestigious distinctions – Michelin Stars and Bib Gourmand – to top restaurants.

“For the first time in history, Poland, with its rich culinary traditions, will appear in the dedicated Michelin Guide for Poland. This is a project supporting the development of culinary tourism in the international market. Being included in this prestigious ranking is another impetus for expanding the Polish brand. Global trends show that culinary travel is gaining increasing interest, especially among those seeking authentic experiences related to a particular place. Undoubtedly, Poland, known for its hospitality, guarantees sophisticated culinary experiences,” says the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Andrzej Gut Mostowy, the authorized representative of the Polish PM for the promotion of the Polish brand.

The Michelin Guide, hailed as the foremost culinary guidebook globally, has been in circulation since 1900. It stands out as the leader in terms of both sales and reputation, and covers 62 regions and cities in total, with 30 of them located in Europe.

“I would like to congratulate the Polish Tourism Organization for taking up the challenge and introducing Poland to the group of countries selected by the Michelin Guide. In the first stage, three Polish regions will appear in the prestigious ranking, and others will join them in the coming years. From the point of view of the HoReCa sector, this is a huge opportunity, but also a motivation to take gastronomic tourism to an even higher level, among other things, through training that improves the qualifications and skills of chefs,” says the President of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy and the exclusive partner of the Michelin Guide in Poland, Maciej Dobrzyniecki.

The Michelin Red Guide uses a comprehensive system of symbols to describe each restaurant. Moreover, for restaurants awarded with a star, a list of three culinary specialties is provided. The guide is compiled based on anonymous inspections, and there is no fee for restaurants to be included in the guide. However, Michelin reserves the right to visit listed establishments for evaluation updates approximately once every 18 months.

“This is a great moment for Poland, its cities, and the tourism industry. The inclusion of Kraków, Poznań, and Warsaw in the culinary elite will contribute to creating national standards and positioning Poland as a gastronomic destination on the global tourism market. The Michelin Guide is a guidepost for those who seek not only unforgettable culinary encounters, but also tourism experiences. In times of rebuilding tourism in Poland, the guarantee of quality and high standards is an essential element considered by foreign guests. I believe that cooperation with the Michelin brand will be a motivation for further work for the entire sector, which will bring tangible economic benefits,” says Rafał Szmytke, the President of the Polish Tourism Organization.

The collaboration between the Michelin Guide and the Polish Tourism Organization yields numerous advantages, including the expansion of transportation and infrastructure, the advancement of regional culinary customs and local food markets, the attraction of investors to the hotel and gastronomy sectors, the elevation of service quality, the enhancement of global prestige for Polish cities, and the piquing of interest from international tourists.

“The culinary scene in Warsaw has always been dynamic and incredibly creative, which was especially evident during the pandemic. It is characterized by extraordinary diversity that relates to three elements: Places – some of which are extremely iconic; Products – restaurateurs’ care for the best suppliers; and People – creators and artists of Warsaw’s gastronomy. Cooperation with the Michelin Guide opens a new chapter in building an even stronger brand of our city,” explains Barbara Tutak, the President of the Warsaw Tourism Organization.

The incorporation of Polish cities presents an opportunity to host major culinary events with international reach, such as the Bocuse d’Or or Global Chefs Challenge eliminations.

“Kraków – European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019 – as one of two Polish cities, has already appeared in the pages of the famous Michelin Guide. Undoubtedly, Kraków has numerous resources that have ensured this success – historical recipes, the highest quality products from local suppliers, as well as hospitality and a friendly atmosphere. The Kraków genius loci is also present in gastronomy on the Main Square, by the Vistula River, in the streets of Kazimierz – dishes taste truly exceptional in historical interiors. Strengthening cooperation with the Michelin Guide will contribute to intensifying the promotion of Kraków as an attractive culinary destination and will encourage culinary enthusiasts to visit our city,” says Elżbieta Kantor, the Director of the Tourism Department of the City of Kraków.

The international publishing house’s promotion of Warsaw, Kraków, and Poznań provides an opportunity for the growth of gastronomic professionals. These experts will need to consistently enhance their knowledge and refine their abilities as they stay abreast of the latest trends and cater to the most exacting culinary guests and inspectors.

“For many years, Poznań’s culinary offer has been gaining popularity and becoming an increasingly important factor in choosing a travel destination. Today, it is one of the main arguments in favor of visiting our city, and we have the impression that it will soon become the leading one. That is why it is not surprising that Poznań is increasingly being called the capital of Polish gastronomy,” says Jan Mazurczak, the president of the Poznań Local Tourism Organization.