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Bonza-B737-300Bonza Airlines has made its mark in Victoria by launching its first-ever direct flight between the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne Avalon Airport, marking its first commercial flight to a Victorian destination. The new route will offer more travel options for both Victorians and Queenslanders as Bonza continues its journey to connect more Australians than ever before.

The historic flight between the Sunshine Coast and Avalon marks a significant milestone for Bonza as the airline expands its operations into Victoria. Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, described the launch as a crucial step in the airline’s growth: “Yesterday is a significant milestone as we get wheels up into Victoria for the first time. South East Queenslanders can fly directly to Avalon for many holiday experiences in Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Great Ocean Road. Likewise, Victorians can fly directly from Avalon to the Sunshine Coast to visit loved ones and take a well-earned break.”

Flights between the Sunshine Coast and Avalon went on sale last month for as little as $79 per person one way, offering affordable travel options for all Australians. Bonza will fly direct between the Sunshine Coast and Avalon three times per week, with flights available to book on the Fly Bonza app or with a registered travel agent until late October 2023.

The new route between the Sunshine Coast and Avalon is expected to significantly benefit travellers from greater Melbourne, Geelong, and surrounding regions. Avalon Airport CEO Tony Brun said the new partnership with Bonza would give travellers more choice, competition, and opportunities to explore this great country. “We are proud to make flying easier and accessible for keen travelers,” he added.

Sunshine Coast Airport CEO Andrew Brodie, who flew with Bonza customers on the inaugural flight, said the new route would make travel easier for people who live in Greater Melbourne, offering more excellent options for those who have friends or family in Victoria. “This new route is also great news for Sunshine Coast locals who love their sports events or want to enjoy the incredible foodie culture that Melbourne is known for,” Mr Brodie said.

Bonza’s expansion into Victoria results from a strong partnership with Sunshine Coast Airport, Avalon Airport, and its owners Linfox. The airline plans to expand its Melbourne base, with an additional 12 routes to the 15 currently on sale via the Fly Bonza app. Travellers are encouraged to download the Fly Bonza app, the only place to book directly.

The launch of Bonza’s new route represents a significant milestone in the airline’s journey to connect more Australians than ever before. As the airline expands its operations into Victoria, it is expected to provide more travel options, boost local economies, and help bring Australians closer together.




Written by: Annie Keam