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Business TravellersTravFlix is proud to announce the launch of its virtual ‘International Travel Film Festival’, set to take place on 28 February 2023,  5 – 9.15 pm. This exciting event will showcase travel, destinations, and experiences through short films, highlighting the world’s diverse history, culture, nature, scenery, and people. The festival will feature four categories: Family Travel, Bucket List Destinations, Adventure Travel, and Food & Travel. The festival is aimed at growing the short travel film industry and inspiring and educating viewers on sustainable, responsible and regenerative travel options.

The shortlisted films will be broadcast in the virtual auditorium. There will be a judging panel scoring each nomination, selecting a winner for each category and an overall festival winner. The festival also features an audience voting system where viewers get to choose their favourite film in each category. Judges will consider the production quality, topic, storyline, what is learnt about the location and people, sustainability messages, and the desire created to visit the location featured in the film.

There will also be an International Exhibitor Area where partner companies and sponsor UK Tourist Office destinations, Finland, Gibraltar, Grenada, Nassau and Samoa can showcase their products and short films. Here viewers will find a video on demand, relevant downloadable documents, and useful links to websites, YouTube channels, and any documentary series, feature film or TV series they feel showcases their destinations.

“We are thrilled to launch this unique and exciting event,” said Alison Cryer, Representation Plus. “The festival aims to provide viewers with a better understanding of the world’s diverse history, culture, nature, scenery, and people, and to inspire and educate them through the power of short films. We can’t wait to see the amazing films that will be showcased at the festival.” continued Cryer

The ‘International Travel Film Festival’ is open to everyone and is a must-see for anyone who loves travel, culture, and film. For the purpose of the film festival, a short film is defined as less than 20 minutes and more than 5 minutes long, aspirational and inspiring without commercial intent.

Go to www.travflix.online to get your free ticket and get ready for an unforgettable experience on 28 February 2023.