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ShizuokaFollowing a competitive pitch, Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ) has appointed Nouvelle Vague Marketing as its representative agency in Australia.

Nouvelle Vague Marketing’s remit will include reinforcing and developing relations with the travel industry and trade and consumer media.

It is the first time Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ) has established a presence in the Australian market.

“The Australian market is a very important source market for Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ) and we look forward to welcoming more Australian visitors to the region. Before COVID, we were seeing a steady growth of Aussie travellers and we are determined to encourage more to visit by showing them the incredible experiences they can have in Shizuoka. Be it a refreshing stop in one of the many onsens (hot springs) available throughout the region, a green tea picking experience, a cycling discovery of the Izu Peninsula or hiking one of our National Parks with Mount Fuji in the background…” says Tatsuya Oba, Director of Tourism Shizuoka Japan.

Situated midway between Tokyo and Kyoto, Shizuoka is the perfect addition to a Japan trip, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

“We are thrilled to represent Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ) and are honoured to have been entrusted with the management and development of its trade and media relations in Australia. With international travel back in full swing, the timing could not have been better, and we are looking forward to promoting this fascinating destination to Australian travellers”. Caroline Brunel, Founder and Managing Director of Nouvelle Vague Marketing, said.