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On August 29, Hahalolo had the grand opening for the Indian branch office. In this event, Hahalolo announced their development plans for products and brands in the Asia-Pacific and Africa markets, as well as the upgrade plans for the US headquarters in late 2022, with the goal of achieving 25 million users.

As a leading travel social networking application, Hahalolo will face many challenges competing with the giants in the technology field. However, their powerful features can surely help them complete their missions and goals confidently.

A leading “all-in-one” application in the tourism industry

In the context of globalization, travel is no longer a trend but has become a necessity in life. The current tourism trend has been shaped as multinational associated, which means that associations, organizations, and companies will join hands to be a sustainable industry rather than stand alone.

This means an increasing need for limitless connection without worrying about languages or geographical distance.

Many technology applications for tourism promotion and development have been created to meet such demand. In particular, Hahalolo is considered a leading application on travel social networks in integrating convenient features for users, including OTA – Online Travel Agent, social networking, and e-commerce.

This ecosystem makes it easier for travel enthusiasts to book tours, airline tickets, hotels, online shopping, and share their journey experiences. All with just one touch.

High-quality, high-value content

The explosion of social networks raises many concerns for managers and parents when negative and unhealthy contents take over.

As a social network made for travel and real experience, the content on Hahalolo is receiving positive reviews from users. According to Mr. James Dang – CEO of Hahalolo USA, this application has added features to encourage users to create high-quality and high-value content. This way, Hahalolo will become a super app with engaging contents to develop and preserve cultures.

This brings great benefits to users as they can access a variety of unique and diverse knowledge from cultures, lands, and destinations worldwide.

They can find information and experience for upcoming trips or share personal experiences with others. This platform has all the necessary features of a social network, from creating content to entertainment, sharing, and connecting with people with the same passion.

The “Haha” reactions button on Hahalolo carries a positive message and creates a happy feeling for users.

The opportunity to make money

Unlike other social networking platforms – where users can only make money from creating video content, Hahalolo users (Halo -ers) can earn from posting articles and images. Viewers can show appreciation for the articles, photos, and videos by awarding points to the content creators. These points can then be used to pay for OTA and e-commerce services on Hahalolo.

With the cumulative coin mining feature, Halo-ers can earn money by regularly interacting on Hahalolo. New users will receive coins equivalent to 10 USD when creating an account and can receive a daily reward of 1 USD when using the social network. The accumulated coins can also be exchanged for vouchers on Hahalolo for airline tickets, hotel bookings, and tours.

Mr. James Dang affirmed that Hahalolo has a distinct direction for product and brand development. “We do not consider existing brands as competitors but gear Hahalolo towards being the common property of everyone, serving many generations,” – Mr. James added.