AMARYLLIS Yacht Exterior View At NightStaged and produced in unique locations, Pelorus and Luxury Treasure Hunts use a network of actors, screenwriters, prop makers, and location managers, some of who have worked at Disney, Marvel, and National Geographic, to create thrilling experiences that dig deep into the location’s history, landscape and culture.

Building Pelorus yacht experiences around immersive and exciting treasure hunts in some of the most diverse locations on the planet is something we have been longing to do since its inception. The Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Indonesian treasure hunts are only the beginning as we develop new locations worldwide,” shares Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Co-Founder of Pelorus.

Treasure hunt adventures can be booked with Pelorus from $29,000 per experience. Each treasure hunt is unique and based on real historical figures from a filmmaker’s imagination to create an experience that delights people of all ages.DARDANELLA Yacht Exterior At Sunset

Experiential travel company Pelorus announces the launch of a series of yacht adventures for charter groups travelling to Sardinia, Antigua & Barbuda, and Indonesia in collaboration with Luxury Treasure Hunts. A web of clues, riddles, interactions, and games guide guests to locate the treasure and solve the mystery, both onboard and onshore, becoming heroes in their real-life production. This fresh, highly creative approach to yachting allows guests to make the most of their boat, captain, crew, and water toys while exploring the destinations by land and sea.​

Calico Jack, and his lover Anne Bonney, with whom he had a child are key figures in pirate folklore and play a central role in these island-hopping adventures. We now can bring even more realistic narratives to life, adding to the already high return on the experiential value we strive to achieve for all our clients. This includes yacht charter costs, additional experiences, and international flights. Each location has its unique tale to tell, all fully developed to keep everyone on their toes! ​

In Sardinia, Pelorus’s guests set off on a historically accurate quest looking for Captain John Rackham’s.

Written by: Mathew Thomas