Solo travel can be a cathartic experience for many. As COVID-related restrictions have eased, travellers have become more open-minded about having a journey and have even opted to lone travelling. In recent months there has been an uptick in solo travel as many travellers have become open to a wide array of possibilities

Though the concept has existed for long, solo travelling has exponentially risen in the post-COVID era. More individuals have become open to greater challenges and are shattering the archetype of travelling in large groups. But the main question is, do solo travellers have as much fun on their trip as group travellers?

The answer to that is yes, provided solo travellers take care of some important points. Some travellers might enjoy being on a journey with themselves, but for others seeking a greater degree of thrill and socialising, here are certain tips to make solo travel a worthwhile experience:

  • Interacting with locals: The biggest advantage of travelling solo is that it allows individuals to make many new connections along the way. Interacting with strangers is one way to have fun and build new friendships. Additionally, it is also a great way to experience the full magic of a location more authentically. Locals often provide information that may not be available on the internet. It also gives an insight into the lives and the culture of the people living in a particular destination.

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  • Do some homework: Travelling solo can be challenging as it also means going through all the ups and downs in the trip alone. This can be an enticing adventure for many, while it can seem like a tough task for others. Thus, it is best to stay prepared and avoid any unwanted events. The best way to get the most out of a trip is to make it better suited to one’s needs.
  • Choose shared housing: Shared housing can be a great way to kill boredom and save money at the same time. Staying alone at a hotel can seem lonesome to some people. Having a shared room can also expose travellers to other individuals who have come to the destination just like they have.
  • Explore new things: Travelling solo also allows one to tailor the trip according to their preferences. This is the time to try out that new skill or learn something that one has been yearning for many years. Additionally, those fond of cooking can learn about the local cuisine and how to make it.
  • Carry a book along: There is nothing better than the company of a book. Solo travellers will never feel lonely if they find a trusting friend in a book. Carrying books can add a lot of meaning to one’s trips and can be a fun way to understand oneself better. During low days, individuals can turn to the same book and reminisce the experience they had on the trip.
  • Be mindful of expenses: Solo travel opens many budget-friendly ways of touring places if one wants to travel the frugal way. However, some solo travellers might find it exciting to have a luxurious stay, for which it is essential to have adequate savings. It is best to have all expenses covered in advance to avoid any unexpected mishaps.

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