MSC Cruises invites travel agents to master the skills needed to successfully sell an MSC cruise, in their latest webinar.

Join MSC Cruises for the second in a series of webinars across 2022.  In this latest webinar, travel partners can hear from MSC Cruises panel of experts on ways to maximise selling opportunities through their global e-learning platform MSC Masters, in addition to current promotions and other key information from MSC Cruises.

The MSC Cruises panel of experts are dedicated to working with trade partners to confidently rebuild their cruise business.  The hosts include;

Angelo Capurro– Executive Director, MSC Cruises. Geneva, Switzerland. An extensive history in the travel & tourism sector and a strong cruise background, Angelo has a focus on working with partners across different countries.

Salvatore Branchizio– Sales Executive Senior Manager, MSC Cruises. Geneva, Switzerland. Over 21 years working at MSC Cruises, Salvatore has a strong international trade emphasis and a background to match.

 Lisa Teiotu– Commercial Director, MSC Cruises. Sydney, Australia. With a long history in the cruise sector, Lisa is dedicated to achieving commercial goals with trade partners.

The webinair will be held on Wednesday 27 July, 2022 from 4- 5pm (AEDT).  Reserve your spot by emailing

All attendees will have a chance to win a fabulous prize.

Attached image: Top Salvatore Branchizio, bottom  Lisa Teiotu, right Angelo Capurro.