Casinos are places that attract a very large public, since they offer fun at all hours. Today it is even possible to play at online casinos without leaving home.

The best games just one click away, just like at fastpay casino. But so that fun does not become a problem, there are five things you should not do in an online casino. We tell you below.

lose track of time

When you are entertained, it is very difficult to become aware of the passage of time. It just slips away! That this happens while you play in an online casino can be dangerous because it can lead you to bet more than you should.

Therefore, it is very important that you set limits and that you respect them. Consider what your maximum time is, and force yourself to retire when the time comes.

spend more than you can

Gambling and betting can be a lot of fun as long as it doesn’t get you in trouble or put you in debt. The excitement of the moment can sometimes lead you to lose control of your budget and risk more than you can afford.

Do not do it! At this point it is also very important that you can set a maximum amount to bet. You can do it per day, per week or per month. The important thing is that it is a realistic amount and that you stick to it.

Search how to cheat the system

Don’t think you can find a way to cheat the casinos! Many have tried over the years and no one has succeeded. The system is designed so that, in the long run, it is always the house that wins.

Therefore, dedicate yourself to enjoy and be aware that the result will depend only on chance. And to practice or prepare for those games where your cunning or skill can influence.

Say yes to all bonuses

Most online casinos offer their users bonuses and promotions that are usually very attractive. However, all of them are tied to a series of terms and conditions that you should read very carefully before accepting.

Saying yes to everyone can lead to compulsive gambling to try to meet the wagering requirements to collect the promised money or prizes. You can also play a large number of pokies for free

play without rules

To be able to play smoothly, nothing better than establishing a series of rules that allow you to maintain order. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what actions you need to take to control your game and not commit excesses.

Setting time limits and amounts, learning the rules of the games you are going to bet on in advance and starting by trying the demo versions are all good methods that you can apply. The important thing is that you do not patronize yourself and that you conform from beginning to end to the rules that you have imposed on yourself.


If you like gambling, online casinos are undoubtedly places full of fun for you and you can play from your computer, Tablet, iPhone or Android. As long as you follow the advice that we leave you here, we are convinced that you will know how to enjoy its proposal without putting your physical and mental health at risk.