ooGee-ImageAs the travel industry slowly recovers and Aussies seek new adventures both locally and abroad, Australian headwear brand, ooGee, today launches their inaugural range of stylish, crush-resistant hats made from a proprietary, self-developed textile innovation called Flexibraid®.

The first of its kind in the Australian market, Flexibraid® technology interlaces extruded fibres and yarns into one single, continuous braid, and combines unique flexible filaments that maintain the shape of each hat regardless of wear time, storage conditions and the environment.

Invented by Peter Walcott, the founder of ooGee, Evoke and Rigon Headwear, the gender-neutral range of innovative hats are inspired by an iconic Australian location and is designed to provide a durable, lightweight, and comfortable hat-wearing experience for the wearer.

“ooGee is a celebration of Australia’s unique heritage and style so it was important for the hats to serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose while appealing to a range of lifestyles,” said Peter.BURNT_CLOVE

“Our Flexibraid® technology allows our hats to survive long-haul flights in a suitcase, withstand both wind and rain, and provide the highest possible sun protection – all while maintaining its structural integrity, shape and colour,” Peter added.

Approved by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), ooGee’s range of stylish hats are scientifically proven to provide UPF50+ sun protection and are fitted with the brand’s discreet internal ‘ComfyFit’ headband for a secure and custom fit.

According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, melanoma of the skin is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country and was responsible for 16,800 new documented cases in 2021. With 1 in 18 Australians purported to fall prey to this disease by the age of 85, year-round sun protection remains the primary form of prevention against this progressive illness.

Designed to protect the skin from UV damage, every ooGee hat is equipped with a generous brim and concealed crown in order to provide the highest possible sun protection on the market.

Reinvigorating local manufacturing and the future of traditional hat-making in Australia, all hats in the ooGee range are handstitched at their West Gosford facility and available nationwide. To learn more about the brand and its range, please visit: www.oogee.com.au

Written by Stella Laurie