brown wooden dock near body of water during daytimeIn North America and Europe, travellers are feeling the heat—and not just from the weather. Peak travel season has brought chaos to travellers throughout the US and Europe, with pent-up demand for travel and decreasing international travel restrictions meaning that this North Hemisphere summer, with global bookings exceeding pre-pandemic levels, travellers are left dealing with cancellations, delays, and long queues at every turn. Now that the US has dropped its COVID entry requirements, travel demand is only going to increase even further.

However, increased travel in North America and Europe is bringing a multitude of problems, with thousands of cancellations already this summer caused by staff shortages, weather, oversold flights, COVID complications, and lags in staffing recruitment, combining to leave many stranded or frustrated in a foreign country.

For consumers eager to travel overseas again, but wanting to avoid the summer disruptions, Chimu suggests leaving Greece or California for another time and plan a holiday to South America. Unlike other holiday hotspots, South America isn’t struggling with over-tourism and flight shortages. It’s smooth sailing to world-famous destinations like Rio, Buenos Aires, and Machu Picchu, with airlines, tour operators, and hotels resuming normal operations, eagerly awaiting international guests.

“In South America, airlines and airports are operating smoother and more efficiently than ever. None of our countries are suffering from shortages of staff, and they have refined their processes and systems in order to cope with the additional work created by COVID requirements to make everything as efficient as possible”, explains Nick Macciocca, Brazil operations manager for Chimu Adventures.

The 2022/2023 Southern Hemisphere summer season is an ideal time to visit South America, as travellers can bypass the crowds and problems plaguing the Northern Hemisphere, enjoying a relaxing and stress-free holiday experience. Chimu Adventures is offering plenty of special deals on their Signature South America itineraries, along with Antarctic cruises departing from Argentina, all backed by rigorous COVID safety requirements.

Paula Torrejón Scaff, Chimu’s operations manager in Chile, advises that not only is travel to South America back to normal, but tour operators are welcoming overseas guests with open arms.

She says, “Regarding flight frequencies and cancellations, up to now all is working normally. LATAM has restarted flights from Sydney and connections with the rest of the countries in LATAM are working fine, with few delays and changes.

In general, we don’t see cancellations, maybe a few changes on the time of departure, and on very few occasions a modification of the travel date.

Overall, I think now South America is much safer and more consistent than Europe, and we are willing to host all visitors after two years!”.

These comments were backed up by Chimu’s operations manager in Argentina, Roger Frost who bluntly responded, “Travel through Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza International Airport was very quick and seamless. Heathrow was a sh!t show, however!”

For travellers eager to revisit South America, or to explore the vast and beautiful continent for the first time, Chimu Adventures has a range of flexible itineraries to show travellers the highlights of countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, with each trip designed around authenticity and quality travel experiences, free from crowds.

To take advantage of special offers for travel to South America and Antarctica this summer 2022/2023 travel season travel agents are encouraged to contact Chimu.