The Gold Coast is predicted to muscle in on the Golden Triangle of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, as two routes in and out of the Glitter Strip are forecast to exceed pre-COVID levels by the end of the year, according to FCM Consultingslatest quarterly report.

Since domestic and international borders reopened, people have been flocking to the Gold Coast for both business and leisure, and it is the gateways between the Glitter Strip and Melbourne and Sydney that are predicted to surpass 2019 volumes.

General Manager Felicity Burke, who presented the findings of the report atFCMsrecent inaugural hybrid Thnk event that was taking place globally across two days, said corporate travel was taking off once again across all key domestic and international routes. It’s fantastic that the ever-blossoming Gold Coast, a place that’s long been the jewel in the crown of Queensland, is now genuinely recognised as a place for the interstate travellers to visit frequently and for corporates to carry out business in, Ms Burke said.

The city has seen an upward trajectory ever since the impact of the Commonwealth Games and you only need to look at the investment and infrastructure taking place to know this is going to be a key and influential business hub for many years to come.

Turning her attention to the international sphere, Ms Burke highlighted the increasing importance of Singapore to Australia, as well as the link between Los Angeles and Sydney.

Written by: Jill Walsh