Looking forward to an epic weekend or week in the snow. After the last couple of years, the anticipation for this year is going to be awesome, so let’s pull out the gear and see how it stacks up. Whether you’re a first timer or a regular visitor there is nothing more exciting than planning the first ski trip of the season.

Packing up the family car is an art, managing to successfully get everything in and still be able to have any vision out the back window, is the first success story of the trip. One item most of us try to stuff in on top of all the suitcases and bags is our beloved, smell of home pillow. And what a balancing act to open the back without letting them drop out… we have all been there when they fall onto the road at our pit stop.

For many of us the size and bulk of a pillow makes us decide, do we take it… can we fit it in or do we leave it at home. Usually, we don’t give a moment’s thought about how much better we will sleep, more comfort and no sore necks, even the kids sleep better and that must be a bonus. Happy kid’s equal happy parents.

There is something so comforting and relaxing about our own pillow that is hard to put into words, especially when we are sleeping in a strange bed. It’s the perfect ending to a brilliant day!

One Australian company, SleepKeeper, has created a solution for packing pillows. The unique pillow carrier is water-resistant, perfect for any snow trip and will easily compact a pillow to approximately one third of its size, great for squeezing into those small, back of the car spaces keeping a pillow clean, and protected while travelling. SleepKeeper is a hygienic and compact way to travel with a pillow for all the family.

You can’t take your bed, but you can take your pillow!

For details on SleepKeeper pillow carriers visit: sleepkeeper.com.au