From high tech sleep boosters to natural sleep aids, here’s a guide to some of our favorite Swanwick products that willl make this the best summer yet.

Do you need to stop Jet Lag from ruining your vacation? : Night Swannies ($69+)

Our flagship and best selling product. Night Swannies orange-tinted lenses block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm (as tested by a third-party laboratory including Harvard Business Review). That spectrum of blue light surrounds you in an aircraft and impairs your ability to sleep.

Wear your Night Swannies continuously 2-3 hours before your desired bedtime at your arrival destination and slip comfortably and easily into a deep and restorative sleep.

From Classic to Aviator there is a frame to suit every style. Fitovers are available too!! Acetate frames and spring hinges.

Sizes: Small, Regular, Large

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Did you use up all your vacation days? : Day Swannies ($69+)

Diminish symptoms of digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Protection against the most harmful blue light wavelengths between 400-450nm.

Allows access to natural levels of blue light needed for optimal productivity during the day.

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Do you love getting a tan and want to protect your eyes? : Henley Sunglasses ($75)

Our sunglasses feature our blue light blocking technology to keep harmful blue rays at bay, along with stellar UVA/UVB ray protection. We also added polarization for exceptional glare protection.

Our Henley Sunnies are fashioned in a versatile sunglasses style, providing ample coverage that suits any face.

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Is the sun waking you up too early? : Silk Eye Mask ($45)
This luxury 100% silk eye mask and blindfold creates the ideal sleep environment by blocking out the maximum amount of light that keeps you awake and causes insomnia
Colors: Black, Royal Blue
Size: One-Size
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Are the neighbors having too many parties? : Sound Blocking Ear Plugs ($19.95)

Earplugs are the most portable, versatile tool you can have for creating an optimal sleep environment any time, any place.

Reusable, moldable silicone ear plugs allow you to achieve total silence for a sound sleep.

100% Silicone, 3 pairs per case

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Are the kids glued to the UV and Video Games? : Kid’s Swannies ($69)

Is bedtime a struggle with your child? Blue light from phones, tablets, and tv may be the culprit

Just for kids! Created for young children who are especially sensitive to the effects of blue light

Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple

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