With June now officially here, folks are hitting the road to begin their summer road trips. But with gas prices how they are now, the road trip might actually just be to the fridge and back! Either way, you’re going to want to stay fueled up this summer and instead of grabbing lukewarm coffee at your local gas station, why not try mushrooms? Yes, mushrooms, specifically functional mushrooms.
UMBO is transforming the way that we view mushrooms and how we consume them with their potent functional mushroom supplements and foods that fuel focus, endurance and sleep! They’re 100% certified organic and have adaptogens to help the body adapt to stress, making them the perfect addition to your travel plans.
What are Functional Mushrooms?
Functional Mushrooms fit well in a category called adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs (and in this case mushrooms) that have been used in health and wellness over several millennia, particularly in parts of Asia and India by adapting to your body’s specific needs. Some mushroom examples are Lion’s mane for the brain, turkey tail for the gut, cordyceps for respiratory health, reishi for calm and shiitake for overall health.
Functional Mushroom Travel Packs
Placed in convenient travel packs for energy and focus on the go. The Myco Rise™ capsules are perfect for your morning routine. While being formulated to support energy, endurance, cognitive function, and mood they can make sure you’re ready for your own “National Lampoon’s Vacation” this summer!

The Myco Rest™ also in a convenient travel pack, are designed for deep, restorative sleep wherever your life may take you. Mushrooms flourish in the dark and so can you with this 3-in-1 serving of reishi, lion’s mane, and Suntheanine® recipe. This might be the best fast-working, non-drowsy solution for more restful sleep that you’ll come across this summer! 
Created by: former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Rashad Evans, Pro-Bowl NFL Quarterback, Jake Plummer and Advocate & Educator, Del Jolly, the three have come together to share their knowledge to renovate sports nutrition via natural medicine and to advocate for the education and research surrounding functional mushrooms and psychedelics.
All of UMBO’s products are made proudly in the U.S.A. and ship nationally across the country!