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Puricelli, Italian excellence in the decorative surfaces market for interior and exterior coverings, is among the companies participating in Simone Micheli’s ‘Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant’ project, and is waiting for you

from June 6 to 12
in the spaces of Officina Ventura 14
in Ventura Milano Design District
This is a fascinating exhibition, a container of events and performances, curated by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero in partnership with PKF Hospitality Group – an internationally recognized market leader in the world of consulting in the hospitality industry.
Puricelli’s product on display is an expression of its ability to interact directly at the highest levels, even and especially in the restaurant world, with architects and designers and to follow a complex and sophisticated clientele, without ever neglecting the innovative path and product developments on the theme of tactility and haptic effect of finishes.
“For the realization of the project curated by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero,” as Puricelli explains, “we supplied our basic product on 9 millimeters thick in the sober black and white finish in matt and gloss versions. In order to make the booth platforms in an aesthetic context based on the choices of architect Micheli, the fire retardant characteristics of the product, which binds with classic chipboard, are particularly important. At Puricelli, we are of course certified in terms of emissions, so we can manage the presence in crowded spaces.”