Photograph taken at Londolozi Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South AfricaIt is one of those ‘of course!’ moments for most of us. Still, the environment has become ever more politicised in some ways, a left-wing, right-wing war that makes no sense at all anymore.
No one owns it, yet everyone should own or have a stake in a healthy environment, so my appeal is for collaboration and cooperation on the most significant issue on Earth, our planet. There are two responses to overwhelming odds. One is to think it is too much to take on and do nothing. The other, the Great Plains’ way, is to gather friends to help.
World Environmental DayAs a result, we at Great Plains are reaching out across disciplines across philosophies.
Next week, we will announce an initiative that sweeps across all of these to significantly enhance the environment in collaboration with many we have approached. When we developed Rhinos Without Borders, it was with our partners at andBeyond. The Big Cats Initiative was with our friends at National Geographic, and as we go forward, it will be with these collaborations in mind.

Indeed, this moment in time needs a call to action; the environment deserves it.
Written by: Great Plains Conservation