2C2P, a global payments platform, today announced its partnership with the Satun Tourist Business Association and Nopchalermroj Foundation, a nonprofit organisation in Thailand, to help stimulate recovery in Thailand’s tourism sector by harnessing advanced digital payments technology.Nopchalermroj Foundation has been spearheading initiatives to revive tourism in Satun, a
province in southern Thailand that is the gateway to the most beautiful islands in the Andaman
Sea, beginning with Koh Lipe (Lipe Island). Before the pandemic, more than one million tourists
flocked to Koh Lipe each year. This number has dwindled since the pandemic.
As part of its efforts to revive tourism, the foundation worked closely with the Satun Tourist
Business Association to develop a sophisticated tourism sandbox model that allows TEST & GO
tourists to visit Koh Lipe, one of the most popular tourist attraction without quarantine. Tourists
simply have to download New Ultimate Experience (NUX), a mobile app that helps local municipal
officials and medical staff to verify the COVID-19 records of tourists. Upon arrival at the jetty,
tourists could rent customised smartwatches that are connected to NUX with a safety deposit,
allowing Satun Provincial Health officials to monitor their health vitals during their stay in Koh Lipe.
If tourists are feeling unwell, they could flag their symptoms on the app and receive health services
at a fee. Nopchalermroj Foundation chose 2C2P to provide the quick and reliable payment
gateway needed to deliver this registration and rental service. The sandbox model will be officially
rolled out to all international tourists at the beginning of June.
“We’re very pleased to welcome the opening of Thailand’s borders to international tourists. With
this partnership with Nopchalermroj Foundation and 2C2P, we believe that tourists can travel to
Koh Lipe with peace of mind, with the smartwatch technology enabling tourists to seamlessly
register their vaccination details while enjoying their stay,” said Mr. Samart Jaroenrit, President
of the Satun Tourist Business Association.
“Amidst the pandemic, Nopchalermroj Foundation has been working tirelessly to develop the NUX
technology to revive tourism in Koh Lipe, using technology to maximise safety and convenience.
We also appreciate 2C2P’s team for supporting us on the payment end. This helped us
tremendously during the time-crunching phase of NUX’s development. 2C2P’s payment solutions
were flexible and could cater to our differing needs (mobile app and rental solution) and were
deployed efficiently during the testing period last year,” said Assistant Professor Thanit
Puthpongsiripprn, PhD, Nopchalermroj Foundation.
Thailand, one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, has been severely impacted by a
pandemic-induced tourism slump, with about 200,000 arrivals in 2021, compared to nearly 40
million in 2019. Thailand’s tourism sector accounts for about a fifth of GDP and 20% of
employment. Thailand has been experimenting with various sandbox models, such as in Phuket,
to encourage the revival of tourism to its islands.
“2C2P is delighted to support the inspiring philanthropic work of Nopchalermroj Foundation and
play our part in helping Thailand’s hard-hit tourism sector get back on its feet. Recovery in the
tourism industry will be accelerated by technology and innovation, with seamless solutions such
as our frictionless payment gateway playing a crucial role as we move to a brighter future,” said
Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder and CEO of 2C2P.