31% of Australians seriously consider sustainability when making purchase decisions.
On top of this, a 2019 study also revealed that 65% of Australians are concerned about their carbon footprint.
In light of this, Betway have done some digging to reveal which cities in Australia are the best for sustainable shopping.
Using data from Yelp, the team took the top 120 most populous cities around the world and searched the number of thrift shops, vintage shops, charity shops, flea markets, and car boot sales in each city. These were then combined to give a total figure.
The results show that Sydney tops the list as Australia’s most thrifty city, with an impressive total of 143. This includes a combination of 135 thrift, vintage, and charity shops, and 8 flea markets and car boot sales.
Not only is it the largest city in Australia, Sydney has previously been ranked Australia’s most sustainable city.
Next up is Brisbane which has 83 thrift, vintage, and charity shops and 10 flea markets and car boot sales, giving it a combined total of 93. Brisbane’s approach sustainability resulted in the city being named the most sustainable in Australia in 2014 and 2016.
In third place is Melbourne with a total of 50, closely followed by Perth with a total of 46.
Betway also discovered which cities around the world are best for sustainable shopping.
The team discovered that Los Angeles leads the way as the world’s most eco-conscious city when it comes to fashion, with a total of 408. This is followed by New York with a total of 379 and Berlin with 296.
Other cities which made the top 10 are San Jose, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, and Portland.