Enhancing inclusivity within the travel industry 
With better education and awareness of human rights, it is being realised that all sectors worldwide need to become more LGBTQ inclusive – especially, the tourism sector. The industry has a great significance when it comes to employing people from non-mainstream backgrounds.
Thus, travel companies, agencies and hotels need to ensure that their spaces are LGBTQ-inclusive so that the industry can grow in both economic and socio-cultural aspects. Apart from the individual responsibility of making spaces more inclusive, organisations should also look at the benefits of inclusivity.
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The wide range of benefits of LGBTQ inclusivity

  • Better market goodwill: The present hyper-competitive world is all about market goodwill. Thus, travel agencies and other operators need to ensure their goodwill is trading them good business. Becoming LGBT-inclusive helps organisations establish a better image in the market.
  • Ensures diversity in the work environment: Employing people from all groups helps organisations become more diverse. Diversity across employees creates a healthy environment within an organisation. Thus, ensuring optimum growth on both macro and micro levels.
  • A wider range of clients: If a travel agency or a hotel is LGBTQ-inclusive, then it would attract more tourists from the queer community. Thus, organisations can fetch a broader client base.

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Several tourist organisations are already LGBTQ-inclusive, and some are in the process of transformation to become more inclusive. However, there are tons of organisations that are yet to become queer-friendly. Thus, it is significant to understand the crucial steps to make an organisation queer-friendly. 
How to make the travel industry more inclusive
Express solidarity with the queer community: The foremost important thing is to publicly express that the organisation stands in solidarity with the queer community and supports their demands for their fundamental human rights. Doing this would also attract more LGBTQ+ employees and clients.
Ensure the physical space in the organisation is queer-friendly: The two gendered restroom is a significant issue for the queer community. There is a high need for a third washroom for others. Thus, organisations need to ensure that they meet all the basic requirements to turn the physical space into a queer-friendly one.
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Queer-friendly advertisements: The endorsement of the queer community across the travel industry is the next significant step. While advertising, organisations need to ensure that their advertisements are LGBTQ-inclusive.
Spread awareness for all genders and sexualities: The next big step is to spread effective awareness for people of all genders and sexualities. There are a number of genders and sexualities; thus, people should be aware of it and be taught to become more sensitive to people from marginalised sections.