Love is love, and it’s a feeling that can lead to the purest and most special union to occur freely between two people anywhere in the world: marriage. This past Friday, March 4th, same sex marriage because a full right of the citizens of the state of Yucatan. The state’s congress approved marriage between two people of the same sex back in August of 2021 with the law un full effect as of this month.
If a major part of a couple’s wedding dreams is exchanging vows in a virtual paradise, Yucatán is the ideal place to make those dreams a reality.
Yucatán is a romantic destination by nature. With its steamy tropical climate and the warm quality of its people, the state is the ideal spot to celebrate love. It’s filled with mystical environments like its crystal-clear cenotes (water-filled sinkholes), said to be portals to the fantastical Mayan underworld of legend. And magical locales like its paradisiacal beaches of soft white sand, towering palms and emerald-green waters. Then there’s the rich history of stunning pre-Columbian structures, romantic colonial-era buildings and sleek modern architecture. All of these venues offer the perfect setting for the commemoration of love without strictures.
Whether it’s a traditional Mayan ceremony, a beach wedding, a tour of charming Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) and hacienda gardens, or saying “I do” in the most exclusive boutique hotel, Yucatán is ready to celebrate the love of any couple.
The state has some of the best offers in terms of locations, suppliers, services and hotels. Couples tying the knot in Yucatán can leave the flowers, banquet, lighting and music in the hands of experts who have shown hundreds of couples they can put the icing on the cake at any wedding, fulfilling each and every one of couples’ dreams.
Yucatecan gastronomy is one of the best ways to getting wedding guests in a romantic mood, too, as the aromas and flavors of the state’s traditional cuisine will leave them madly in love — with Yucatán! Newlyweds fly home after their honeymoons with the highlights of the most important and special day of their lives in hand, thanks to the expertise of local photographers, who capture not only the joy but the colorful sunsets, blanket of stars and luxuriant landscapes illuminating the entire event.
Welcome to a paradise that celebrates, hand in hand with you, the most anticipated and special day of your life, where you can have the confidence and happiness you deserve, and where love means everything. A place that is painted with rainbows and celebrates each and every one of the colors that it represents. A place where all love is celebrated, with the same rights, with the same name and in the same celebration. Welcome to Yucatán.