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TRIPBAM, the global rate auditing, benchmarking, analytics and sourcing provider for hotel and air today announced the next version of Smart Sourcing. This newest iteration of the hotel request for proposal tool was developed in cooperation with global sales organizations at major hotel chains, including Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corp. and Accor.

TRIPBAM first launched Smart Sourcing as a standalone product for corporate travel buyers in 2020 after developing the offering with existing clients. One of the unique capabilities of Smart Sourcing is that it allows travel buyers to send bids directly to hotel properties to create a more efficient sourcing process. With this release, in collaboration with the named global hotel chains, TRIPBAM has created an optional functionality to allow for national account managers to review and manage the process on behalf of chain properties.
“When we first launched Smart Sourcing, it solved for a major resourcing issue of COVID by allowing buyers to send property-level RFPs while account managers were furloughed,” said David Mollov, TRIPBAM EVP of Hotel Solutions. “But now, with the cooperation and feedback of Marriott, Hyatt and Accor, we’re able to deliver even greater flexibility for buyers to source in the most efficient way possible and capture quantifiable savings unlike more traditional processes.”
“We appreciate the changes TRIPBAM has made to Smart Sourcing based on our input,” said Marriott SVP of Global Sales Tammy Routh. “These changes will simplify the RFP process and ensure we meet the expectations of our mutual customer, the travel buyer.”
Since 2020, TRIPBAM has successfully transitioned both enterprise-level and small-to-medium-sized programs over to Smart Sourcing for hotel procurement, significantly shortening the corporate rate negotiation process for both buyers and hotels.
“By making this adjustment, TRIPBAM has shown it recognizes the importance of our global sales teams and the role they play,” said Hyatt VP of Global Sales, Americas Gus Vonderheide. “Ensuring that national account managers are part of the conversation is key to success for all sides.”
“TRIPBAM’s new approach to Smart Sourcing is a significant step forward in simplifying the hotel RFP process,” said Michael Laumanns, Executive Director, Business Travel at Accor and GBTA Accommodations Committee Co-Chair.
TRIPBAM will begin transitioning to the newest version of Smart Sourcing with customers at the start of the second quarter of this year. The offering is available directly through TRIPBAM or via its network of certified consultants.