DELSEY PARIS CHATELET AIR 2.0DELSEY PARIS, the premium French luggage brand known for its Parisian elegance, innovative design and high-quality pieces, reveals today the new and refreshed version of CHATELET. The latest revival of the line, CHATELET AIR 2.0, caters to those familiar with the iconic collection but also appeals to jet-set lovers that are looking for a stylish travel companion.

CHATELET’s name comes from the central district of Paris and evokes the district’s refined style. It’s easy to fall in love with the romance radiating from CHATELET AIR 2.0 and its release comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. This refreshed line features shock-absorbing corner protectors for extra-durability, soft-touch lining treated with SILVADUR™* antimicrobial technology and DELSEY’s patented ZIP SECURITECH®. The collection now features new blue and pink shades, while still offering iconic favourites like chocolate brown and angora (white). It has also been designed to be lighter than ever so travellers can pack more for their getaways. For the first time, the line features a trunk format, ideal for longer trips, especially road trips as it is shaped to fit perfectly in the trunk of a car. Additionally, the carry-on version in the collection has a standout feature of a USB port (power bank not included) to aid in charging a traveller’s electronic devices on the go. One-of-a-kind accessories are also arriving to compliment the stylish luggage pieces. From shoulder bags to backpacks, travellers can complete their travel ensemble with these chic additions.DELSEY PARIS CHATELET AIR 2.0
“CHATELET is DELSEY PARIS’ signature piece that fully encompasses the brand’s identity,” said DELSEY PARIS US Director of Marketing, Coralie Lindvay. “The new-look still stays true to the heart and soul of CHATELET but now brings forward a sense of youth and playfulness. The bold blue and pink colours are a very exciting addition to the collection. And the new styles provide travellers with matching options for daily use or longer journeys.”
To learn more about DELSEY PARIS products or to purchase a piece from the CHATELET AIR 2.0 collection, visit CHATELET 2.0 Collection. CHATELET AIR 2.0 retail prices range from $59 -$419.