Budget-conscious startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses can now turn to newly launched travel tech company Trasava to decrease annual travel expenses by an average of 34 percent.

Led by a passionate team of nomadic entrepreneurs, Trasava makes discounted travel rates – similar to those of corporate travel discounts – accessible to small businesses and startups. By leveraging an innovative subscription model and exclusive supplier agreements, Trasava is able to provide deep discounts on hotels of all types – from basic to luxury – worldwide. Companies use multiple subscription services, so why not travel as well?
With over 1 million property listings, Trasava eliminates the struggles small-to-medium-size companies have when negotiating group rates and when tied to a few hotel chains. Time-consuming company travel management is also simplified by an easy-to-use platform to manage all bookings. While a dedicated administrator has access to book and manage reservations for all team members, employees can log in and manage their own travel arrangements as well.
In addition to decreasing travel expenses, with Trasava, employees’ business travel can be enhanced with the ability to book five-star hotels at two-star rates. Furthermore, employees can add a friend or a family member to their account and share the same corporate benefits at no extra cost to a business.
Beside hotels and car rentals, companies can also book team-building events through Trasava, such as cruises and activities like wine tasting, rafting, horse riding and more.
For more information about Trasava and to join now, visit trasava.com.