red and white temple under blue sky during daytimeUnder the global epidemic situation, in order to further promote overseas cultural exchanges, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau held the 2022 “Happy Spring Festival” cloud arts festival for FinlandEstoniaGreeceCanada and Belgium. From January 30th to February 2nd, the live broadcast was staged in official website and social media platforms of Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center, networks and social media of city TV stations in five countries. Moreover, it was spread and pushed internationally in Beijing time, Visit Beijing and other platforms.
New interpretation of Chinese elements, boosting Guochao overseas
The dance “Fish Leaps the Dragon Gate, Step by Step” brought by the Dance Troupe of the Central National Song and Dance Troupe is lifelike, borrowing from the past and integrating the present. Lu Dian wrote “Shiyu, Piya” in the Song Dynasty: “If a fish crosses the dragon gate, it will become a dragon.” People use fish to jump the dragon gate, which means that they can work hard, have a successful career and realize their dreams.
Dance “Fish Leaps the Dragon Gate, Step by Step”
The program “Niu HuanHu Yue” performed by the Central Conservatory of Music played on drums, which vividly showed the stubbornness of ox and the ferocity of tigers.
Playing “Niu HuanHu Yue” with big drum
The martial arts performance Zuwuchengyun brought by Longyun Martial Arts Group uses Chinese fans as martial arts props.
China exchanges new experiences, friends get together, people visit Beijing and enjoy the Winter Olympics.
The year 2022 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece, and the China-Greece Cultural Tourism Year will be held continuously.
A new interpretation of Sino-Finnish music, playing Jasmine in the air.
This Finnish version of Jasmine will also be presented in this online Finnish version of Happy Spring Festival.