As the Year of the Tiger is drawing near, HSBC’s PayMe has launched a new Group Laisee feature to enable users to send red packets and blessings to their families and friends during Chinese New Year. The campaign features beloved idol Keung To, multi-talented artist Ivana Wong, new girl group members Marf Yau and Day Hui, and YouTuber Ray Chan alongside the adorable mascot, PayMeow. Echoing the spirit of classic Chinese New Year movies, the TV commercial and a series of social media short videos deliver a modern twist where families, friends and colleagues come together to celebrate the auspicious occasion via sending electronic laisee using PayMe.

With more people turning to electronic laisee to keep the tradition alive, PayMe has introduced the latest Group Laisee feature that allows users to instantly send red packets with festive messages to up to 100 recipients in one go. Users can choose to send directly to designated recipients or create a shareable link for anyone to collect the money. The laisee collection link can be shared via most popular social messaging apps.

Users can also select whether the Group Laisee contains a fixed or random amount for each recipient, creating the opportunity for fun and excitement as people share their warm wishes with each other. Users can send Group Laisee with an identical amount of up to HKD200 to each recipient or, for those who prefer to create a shareable link, they can send a total amount of up to HKD10,000.

When asked about his continued collaboration with PayMe, Keung To said that he was particularly excited because the production of this commercial felt like shooting a classic Chinese New Year movie. He said: “I’ve always enjoyed watching Hong Kong-made Chinese New Year movies since I was a child, especially because most of them are about families getting together. Those emotionally-charged comedies always remind me of a festive atmosphere. The filming of this PayMe commercial captured that same feeling of a Chinese New Year movie. My character is competing with his boss, colleagues and cousin to grab laisee. The whole filming process was really lively and fun, although I had to keep running and chasing other co-stars.”

When asked whether he is ready to send laisee during Chinese New Year, Keung To said: “In the past, I always received laisee from my elders. But since I started working, I also give laisee to my colleagues. PayMe’s Group Laisee function enables me to send laisee to multiple recipients anytime, anywhere, and even sending laisee to my teammates has never been easier.”

During the filming, Ivana Wong also shared her experience of giving electronic laisee: “I love the tradition of giving laisee and enjoy sharing my blessings and gratitude with the people around me, both before and after marriage. Electronic laisee is faster, easier and more eco-friendly, which aligns with my values. Everyone can play a part in protecting the environment during the Chinese New Year. A small change can make a big difference to our planet.”

PayMe has seen an overwhelming response to the new Group Laisee feature, with more than 1.5 million laisee collected by users within a week. PayMe is giving away an additional 70,000 vouchers from now until 15 February to users who send a Group Laisee with a total amount of HKD250 or above that is collected by at least five recipients. The voucher will be automatically redeemed when users spend HKD50 or above at any of the more than 20,000 PayMe for Business online and physical merchants# across the city. Each user is eligible to receive one voucher during the promotional period (only available to users who have not received a voucher).

The commercial debuts today on ViuTV and online, where fans can watch out for the special performance:

  • The video is now live on HSBC social media channels:
  • The video will also premiere on ViuTV at 8:25 p.m. on 24 January. It will also be simultaneously broadcasted on Hong Kong OpenTV
  • Keung To, Ivana Wong, Marf Yau, Day Hui and Ray Chan will appear on the face of the HSBC Main Building in Central every evening from 28 January to 15 February

Users can also take part in the campaign through “PayMe Grab Laisee” on Instagram, using the special filter to compete with friends and have the opportunity to win adorable PayMeow toys signed by the campaign stars.

In addition, PayMe users can enjoy a 10 per cent discount when spending HKD35 or more at McDonald’s from now until 16 February, further boosting the festive joy.