black car gps turned on in carIf you do not own a car in Australia, you need not worry. You can still savour the beauty of Australia by driving a rental car. It is a very cost-effective way to travel across Australia at your convenience. For travellers, rental cars are the best option if you want to explore this country to the fullest.
Even if you are working in Australia, you can always look for long-term rental options for commuting daily to work especially if you have night shifts when the frequency of public transport decreases.
However, for renting a car, Australia has some strict rules that you must follow. Attempting a driver knowledge test to obtain the license is important if you are to stay in Australia for work. You must prepare well for the test if you want to clear it in a single attempt. You can take practice tests at Driving Test. You can also visit this page to get expert guidance on all the information you need to clear the actual DKT test in Australia.
Driving license requirement for travellers man in black jacket holding blue tablet computer
You do not need to apply for an Australian driving license if you are renting a car in Australia during your vacation. However, your original driving license must be in the English language. If a driving license is in any regional language, an international driving permit is needed in such as case.
Additionally, you must have reached the age of 21 years at the time of car renting and you must hold a valid driver’s license for a minimum period of 1 year before you are eligible for car renting. Vehicle insurance is a must if you are taking the car on-road.
Car rental – Process in Australia 

  1. Make bookings in advance 
  • Having a car ready at the airport for pickup is not just more convenient, but also the cheapest way of hiring a car in the country.
  • Last moment rental rates can be very high and you may also not get the car that you desire.
  1. Find a car rental company with an office either at the Airport or in your arrival city 
  • You can make a quick online search to look for top rental companies based on your location or the arrival city.
  • You can also read the policies of a couple of renting companies before asking for quotes.
  1. Get quotes from a couple of companies to compare their prices 
  • Compare prices and hidden costs that many companies can charge as a part of their rental plan.
  1. Ask your rental company for necessary insurance covers 
  • Auto insurance is a must if you are driving in Australia.
  • Take guidance from the rental company for applying to important insurance covers that will be required.
  1.  Lastly, pay the rental fee and beware of hidden costs 
  • Some charges like arrangement fees are compulsory.
  • Some others like late drop-off charges, refuelling charges, or additional mileage charges can be included.
  • So, read their policies before making reservations.

Also, some car hire companies can charge extra young driver charges if you have not attained the age of 25 at the time of applying for a car hire. While in Australia, always follow the basic road rules and never drive when you are drunk as they have a zero-tolerance policy for the same.