Creating peaceful sanctuaries across the globe for more than 30 years, Aman has recently grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. With the introduction of Aman Skincare in 2018, and subsequently the herbal supplement range Sva and Aman Fine Fragrance in 2020, the brand has brought its holistic influence to the comfort of ones’ own home.
New for the festive season, Aman is delighted to introduce a variety of gift sets. Launching 17 November on, these six new sets, containing full size products, join the existing four sets as the perfect gift for loved ones or as a personal indulgence.
This set, consisting of five hero products, is the ideal introduction to the Aman Skincare collection, utilising the brand’s best loved products to create a full and robust skincare routine​​. Products included are the Purifying Marine Facial Wash, which preserves skin’s elasticity and clarity, Grounding Stem Cell Face and Eye Serum, containing live tuberose and argan stem cells to accelerate the skin’s natural repair processes, Nourishing Rain Face Mist, which encourages cell regeneration, Nourishing Silk Cocoon Face Cream, a rich night cream designed to rejuvenate the skin and Nourishing Nurture Intense Facial Oil, a reparative, nourishing facial oil suited to all skin types.
Also new is the Ultimate Relaxation Set, a ritual tailored to those looking for a relaxing and effortless evening routine. The Purifying Quartz Scrub and Soak, that works to stimulate circulation and ease tension, are combined with the gently cleansing Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath​, which helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and wrinkles. Grounding Amethyst Bath and Shower Oil, a cleansing body oil that utilises precious amethyst to promote a return to inner peace and the calming Grounding Spa Candle. This set creates a rounded spa experience at home and encourages stillness and tranquility, reminiscent of a treatment at any Aman Spa across the globe.
BODY CARE SET – $158.33
The new Body Care Set is a compilation of Aman Skincare’s most luxurious body products, combined to offer the ultimate sumptuous body ritual. Purifying Palo Santo Salve, a deeply healing body balm that helps to repair and soothe broken skin and provide long-lasting hydration, Nourishing Sacred Heart Balm, with uplifting floral oils of tuberose and frangipani that help to relieve tension and stress, and the Grounding Smoked Body Butter, which aids in improving skin elasticity and uses anti-bacterial beeswax and honey to soothe inflamed, dry and itchy skin, make up this set.
Combining powerful products from all three of Aman Skincare’s healing pathways, these products tone, moisturise and beautify the skin while dispelling tension, lifting the spirits, and promoting a deep sense of emotional wellbeing. Included in this set are the Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts, a powerful soak that also aids joint pain and helps to combat sluggish circulation, the Nourishing Golden Body Serum, an easily absorbed serum packed with potent anti-ageing properties which regenerates the cells, the hydrating and fragrant Nourishing Body Mist and the Grounding Smoked Body Butter.
The Aman Skincare collection follows three distinct pathways – Purifying, for combination or oily skin, Grounding, for mature, dehydrated skin, and Nourishing, for sensitive and irritated skin – all of which can be used either individually or in conjunction with each other to heal, calm, soothe and rejuvenate. Aman Skincare offers a Discovery Set for each, offering a complete routine for each pathway creating a daily ritual for various need-states.
Inspired by the restorative power of water, this set brings peace and clarity to those experiencing feelings of stagnation and exhaustion. The set includes the refreshing Marine Facial Wash, with anti-ageing Kalpariane® seaweed extract and Vitamin C to preserve skin’s elasticity and clarity, the Ocean Face Mist, a colloidal copper-infused toning mist that supports cellular regeneration and promotes younger-looking skin and the Hyaluronic Face Hydrator, an anti-ageing hydrator that plumps and repairs skin.
Soothing the mind and body, the Grounding range portrays the landscape and climate of mountains and deserts. Beneficial for mature, dehydrated skin, the range also combats stress and calms anxiety with its healing scents and essential oils. Combing the Maca Cleansing Powder, a dry, magnesium-rich mud powder that boosts sensitive, tired and pollution-weary skin, Stem Cell Face and Eye Serum, an anti-ageing powerhouse containing live tuberose and argan stem cells to accelerate the skin’s natural repair processes and the tightening and hydrating Desert Dew Face Mist, the Grounding Discovery Set is ideal for those who are conscious of the effects of the environment on the skin.
Exuding the beauty found in tropical climates and lush, verdant jungles, the Nourishing range nurtures and comforts, restoring skin hydration and harmony to both complexion and mind. The pathway’s hardworking yet gentle Ultimate Cream Cleanser, which works to remove impurities to reveal radiant, glowing skin, Rain Face Mist, a homeopathic gold-infused mist that encourages cell regeneration, restores elasticity and gently exfoliates, and Silk Cocoon Face Cream offer a simple yet effective skincare routine for those wanting to slow the effects of ageing.
Offering a distinct journey to wellbeing, each of Aman’s Spa Candles delivers an exquisite fragrance, bringing warmth and light into the home. From refreshing notes of floral rose to the sensuous spice of ginger, each candle, now available as a set of three, offers a unique scent. With a balancing base of rich and earthy sandalwood layered into each one of the scents, the candles have a total burn time of approximately 40 hours and comprise of a combination of natural and mineral waxes. Jet black in hue, the wax is individually poured into an elegant glass vessel, which has been blown and cut by hand. The Grounding Spa Candle, soothing and calming, has warm notes of ginger and a heart of jasmine encourage stillness and tranquillity, the Nourishing Spa Candle, curated with top notes of bergamot, nurtures and comforts, fostering a soothing atmosphere, and the invigorating Purifying Spa Candle, with floral layers of rose and geranium, creates a refreshing scent that works to energise and uplift.
Each pathway also includes a Pulse Point Remedy. These unisex scents instill a sense of serenity and encourage emotional wellbeing for three unique need-states. Uplifting and energising, the Purifying Pulse Point Remedy is a potent therapeutic formulation that offers purification and protection utilising Palo santo as a powerful spiritual cleanser to restores energetic vitality. The Nourishing Pulse Point Remedy​ is a soul-soothing alternative to perfume that helps to restore feelings of ease, bliss and gentleness, a soft and feminine fragrance. Contrastingly the rich scent of the Grounding Pulse Point Remedy​ helps to balance mood and relieve stress, making one feel more rooted. Amber, known to relax the mind, calm anxiety and lift low spirits, has been expertly blended with delicious-smelling rose geranium to create a deeply restful fragrance.
For those looking to be inspired by the unique landscapes of Aman destinations, Aman Fine Fragrance captures the essence of these extraordinary places with each fragrance directly inspired by a hotel or resort. New for the festive season, Aman Fine Fragrances will now be offered in the Discovery Set, a grouping of all seven fragrances in travel friendly 7.5ml vials. Also available individually, these vials are the ideal way to get a sense of the collection, and transport oneself to an Aman destination.
Sei and Zuac are both layered with top notes of bergamot over cedarwood and clove buds respectively, creating rich and spicy fragrances while Umbr is blended with hints of opulent oak and moments of spice. Haru is a fresh and floral scent with body notes of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, Vayu is a unification of citrus and fragrant frangipani and tuberose, and Ayom combines the complex base notes of cedarwood and musk with cardamom, ginger and juniper. Finally, Alta, a bold fragrance, is curated with with gradations of saffron, geranium and sandalwood.
Aman Skincare and Aman Fine Fragrance are sold online via, in the resort boutiques and at the Aman Spa at The Connaught Hotel, London.