Selo Group, an award-winning and fully integrated development company based in Singapore, is empowering Indonesian communities with the launch of its new ecommerce website, Understanding the important role local artists and entrepreneurs play, Selo created this platform to support numerous small businesses that contribute to the region’s vibrant culture and economy.

“While everyone around the world has felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in some way, small business in local communities in Bali and beyond that rely heavily on tourism have been hit especially hard,” said Andrew Corkery, CEO of Selo Group.  “Shopping local supports sustainability, builds community spirit and creates economic opportunities for everyone.  At Selo, our passion for community and regenerative development inspired us to amplify local Indonesian businesses that are offering incredible products.”

Selo’s ecommerce website Selo Footprints showcases a wide variety of options available for delivery anywhere in the world, from community products and collaborations with eco-friendly businesses to delicious pantry items such as jams and preserves.  The products are handmade by Indonesian local artisans, including Vividerm, which features natural sunscreen products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, and Yanami Juan Home and Gallery, which applies paintings to tote bags, scarves, and other items.  Shoppers can also find clothing, wellness items and sports accessories handmade by local artisans, including the deep tissue bamboo surf roller that is designed for self-massaging after sports.

These creators and many more are crucial parts of the fabric of local Indonesian community.  For example, Du Anyam promotes the unique wicker-crafting culture of artistically gifted women to people around Indonesia and other parts of the world.  The company strives to be a part of empowering these women by helping them gain control over their family’s income, resulting in a positive change to escape poverty.  In Sembalun Valley Village in East Lombok, Sembahulun Handmade empowers women and creates handmade products out of handwoven textiles using natural dyes.  Awani, which makes international award-winning tropical fruit preserves in Bali, sources the best tropical fruit from trusted farmers across Indonesia and makes preserves by hand.  The company supports Balinese artisans by packaging its food gifts with exquisite hand-crafted batik and basketry.

As part of its ongoing regenerative efforts, Selo has also teamed up with brands that have ethical and sustainable products in Indonesia such as Coconesia, Pinalo, Vividerm, IndoSole and Awani. The Selo Footprints website features their products at affordable rates and allows buyers to send the profits to one of the approved non-profit foundations Selo partners with.

With its Selo Footprints Program, Selo Group has been working hard for more than 12 years to support the communities within Indonesia.  They provide sustainable jobs to stimulate growth and improve rural livelihoods in Selong Belanak Lombok, as well as offer support for disaster relief efforts.  The company coordinates and participates in beach clean-ups, supports local schools by establishing sport clubs and providing essential infrastructure such as water tanks and internet, and is a member of the Selong Belanak Community association, which focuses on environmental sustainability, waste management, and community development.

Selo’s ecommerce website will launch in Indonesia from June onwards, with plans for expansion to overseas markets by Q3, 2021.  For more information on Selo Group and its ecommerce platform, please visit and