After all these months of confinement, mobility restrictions and dreaming about travel, you can actually reward yourself with carefree and relaxing vacations in Spain beginning June 7.

Spain, already opened with no requirements to travelers from Singapore, Australia, Thailand and New Zealand among others. Now it is opening its doors to the rest of the world only under one condition: the travelers need to be fully vaccinated(Completed vaccination at least 14 days before departure with a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or included in the WHO list).

With its own vaccination well on schedule, Spain is, yet again, synonymous to trust, safety and quality vacation and is ready to offer you the perfect worry-free time after what it has to be the worst year of our lives.

Not without reason, Spain is the world´s best vacation destination: its cultural heritage, the small and historical cities and towns, the natural parks, the mountains and valleys as well as the thousands of kilometers of coast; and…the food, of course. Spanish cuisine is flavorsome, healthy, traditional, creative and varied, the perfect Mediterranean diet.

Thus, travelers are once again more than welcome to Spain where a well deserve vacation is ready for them.


All travelers are required to fill out a health questionnaire prior to departure. The questionnaire can be filled out online or downloaded at

  • Travelers from Indonesia, Philippines, Malasia and Vietnam: From June 7, allowed to enter Spain if they are fully vaccinated with vaccines approved by EMA or authorized by WHO.
  • Travelers from Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand: able to enter Spain with no need to present negative PCR or proof of vaccination.

For the latest information on travel requirements please visit

For individual inquiries about a person or a family’s specific situation, please contact the Consulate General of Spain in your area.