As worldwide travel restrictions continue to lift, travelers once again have an abundance of vacation destination options to choose from. Our latest research helps indecisive travelers find inspiration for their next destination in a slightly unusual way.

Like people, cities are believed to have unique personalities. And just as a person can be drawn to different people based on their individual characteristics, they can also be drawn to specific cities.

How? Astrology may be the indicator.

Astrological signs, also known as zodiac or star signs, are believed by some to have an influence on important aspects of our personalities. These include things we like, things we don’t like, our strengths and our weaknesses. Based on the widely accepted characteristics of each zodiac sign, we’ve compiled a list of domestic and international cities best suited for each to visit.

Best U.S. Cities to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

For those of you not quite comfortable with international travel just yet, these are the domestic cities that you may be naturally drawn to:

Best Domestic U.S. Cities to Visit Based on Zodiac Star Sign

Best International Cities to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you are ready to travel internationally, these global cities may be best for you:

Best International Cities to Visit Based on Zodiac Star Sign


Regardless of whether you believe in the influence of astrology or not, many find it amusing to explore the idea of visiting a new destination based on your zodiac sign. Many travelers welcome a new method of finding vacation inspiration, and you may just find your next trip is written in the stars.


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