It is often presumed that a trip abroad would be more fun than a local trip. One spends a lot more time and money planning a trip abroad. However, travelling in the home country could be equally or even more fun. On top of that, it involves lesser time, lesser money, and lesser planning.

Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

There are so many things that people miss out on by not prioritising domestic travel. From a pocket-friendly perspective to a cultural one, domestic travel is wholesome, let alone therapeutic.

People work hard to fill their pockets and travel to fill their souls with adventure. And what could be more thrilling than exploring the suburb towns of one’s own country, the beautiful green countrysides, the natural and historical beauty, and what not?

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It is astonishing how home-country travel could be beneficial in both materialistic and non-materialistic terms. The following six reasons are like an introduction to what the domestic travel book comprises.

1.Foreign is mainstream- a real tourist would not want that.

Visiting an alien land attracts the most towards list like “10 best places to visit in the world”. However, most of these tourist spots are mainstream and excessively commercialised.  Someone with real tourist zeal would instead want to explore the unexplored and reunite with nature rather than hitting the most ordinary tourists spots.

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2. What plans are the best, if not impromptu?

Humans want thrill in life, and travel is to experience that thrill. Planning makes things dull as it involves a lot of thinking, itineraries and so on. Impromptu local trips allow one to experience things first-hand. Most importantly, it saves plenty of time.

3. Explore the countryside and reunite with the home-land.

Knowing the local language is the supreme card in a hassle-free trip. With that advantage, one can easily explore the rural land. Since one belongs to that land, rural people would be more welcoming and more comfortable. It is always a good option to spend a week in a rural village and detoxify the mind and body.

4. One doesn’t need to be a Richie Rich for a fun trip.

Not everyone can afford a trip abroad. Not to worry if the pocket is too tight to cross oceans as local travel is no less than a trip abroad. How great it is that one doesn’t need to be minted for a fun, refreshing trip? Lesser travel cost and lesser accommodation cost enables to have enjoyed the most with spending the least.

5. Reduce carbon footprint with domestic travel.

By not travelling huge distances, people can reduce their carbon footprint. Travel within the country enables tourists to take trains rather than planes. With local travel, the environment is benefited, and the travellers also relish the regional scenic beauty of their motherland.

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6. Explore the origins, cultural diversity, and heritage.

The history of each land is so diverse and rich. Besides, the most engaging way of learning the history of one’s land is through travelling and visiting the historical places given in textbooks. If one’s land is enriched with diverse cultures yet to explore, why look for foreign places to spend holidays?

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The dream to travel the world will remain incomplete if the home country remains unexplored. With less pondering and less spending, one can travel more. You now know how that is possible- explore the local!

Besides, COVID-19 has already forced border closures and the risks of international travel are plenty, given how the coronavirus spreads. These are therefore the best times to explore the local places and fulfil the desire to travel and rejuvenate, while keeping relatively safe.