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MSC Cruises has announced that since being launched in 2017, MSC Seaside will join MSC Grandiosa in the Mediterranean from 1 May, the first time that MSC Seaside will sailing in Europe.

She will be featuring an itinerary of seven night cruises, visiting Genoa, Valetta and Civitavecchia and for the first time Siracusa in Sicily and Taranto in Puglia.

The MSC Grandiosa’s current itinerary is being extended to the end of May visiting Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples, Palermo and Valetta in Malta, which MSC Grandiosa has been operating since August 2020 and on which she has carried over 40,000 guests.

Clearly not available to Australians due to the international travel ban, both MSC Seaside and MSC Grandiosa cruise itineraries are currently available for booking by residents from Schengen countries and also Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.

MSC Cruises has also said that as a result of the delay in the return to availability of some ports across Europe it is cancelling all other itineraries in the West Mediterranean for April and May, with cruises in that region resuming from June as planned and also in the East Mediterranean cruises are cancelled for April, with cruises resuming from May as planned and all Northern Europe, all itineraries are cancelled in April, with finally, all Caribbean itineraries are cancelled until May 31.

A report by John Alwyn-Jones