John Alwyn-Jones here and as I said in the first article in this series of really interesting articles and videos about Australia’s leading home based travel agent company, TravelManagers Australia, if there is one sector in Australia and in fact globally that has gone through the grinder and absolutely devastating ruin as a result of COVID-19, then it has to  be  travel agencies, with as a result of Australia’s international borders closing, hundreds upon hundreds of the familiar high street travel agencies, we are used to seeing closing their doors and many thousands of travel agents being laid off and forced to seek other jobs

While that is truly devastating, perhaps it is an additional indicator of that the day of the traditional bricks and mortar order taker travel agent is over and a new model is takin centre stage.

So, whether you are a travel agent, elsewhere in the travel industry, doing something else, laid off or a consumer, you may be asking what is that new model?

Well, the interesting thing I discovered is that this new model has been around for some time with savvy consumers already and for some time, booking their travel with their own personal travel consultant or travel advisor – let’s forget the word “agent” who are home based and working within networks for example the top one in Australia, TravelManagers Australia and booking with their very own, TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager.

Bearing in mind that TravelManagers Australia has almost 600 personal travel managers all over Australia in every state and territory, that run their own business from home, and they have the resources to be flexible about where and how they work, with being home-based means they can work from just about anywhere, at a time and location that suits their clients, but while they may not be surrounded by an office with support staff and advisors, they do have access to the highest quality support, which is exactly what the team of TravelManagers Australia Business Partnership Managers provide to the TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Managers, whenever they need it.

So, this is the second in the series of three videos about the impact of COVID-19 on travel and tourism and in particular the former “travel agent” business with

in the first video in this series I spoke with the Executive General Manager of TravelManagers Australia Michael Gazal and some of the senior team members at

TravelManagers Australia about their view of the impact of COVID-19 and how and where TravelManagers Australia fits into the future of the travel business.

In this video I will be chatting some of TravelManagers Australia’s Business Partnership Managers about what they do and what TravelManagers Australia offers

for the future in travel, with what was particularly interesting was discovering that TravelManagers Australia is very much like a big family, with amazing

networks having been created between TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Managers all over Australia.

So, before you check out what some of the Travel Managers Australia Business Partnership Managers  had to tell me, perhaps the best way to think of a TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager is how you would think of a personal trainer or financial planner, because like them your TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager is there simply to help you achieve a client’s travel goals, with whether travelling for business or for fun, with a TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager working closely and personally with their clients to create a tailor-made trip that’s as their ads say “as individual as you are” and individual as they want, with a vitally important key is that the TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Managers are fully supported at all time by the state based TravelManagers Australia Business Partnership Managers.

TravelManagers Australia is very well established and secure, as it is part of the House of Travel Group, Pty Ltd with its around 600 home-based Personal Travel Managers across Australia, first opening in New Zealand in 1986 and then in Australia in 2007, with House of Travel having grown into the largest independent travel company in Australasia.  This means that not only do TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Managers have access to amazing travel deals, but their customers are provided with the added security that their money is secure through the booking process.

So whether you are traveller and thinking about your next Australia trip or thinking ahead post COVID-19 about your next international trip or you are interested in becoming a TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible training with your TravelManagers Australia Business Partnership Managers ready to support you at all times.

To hear what TravelManagers Australia Business Partnership Managers had to tell me, either CLICK HERE or on the image below: –

This is the second in a series of three very interesting articles and videos about TravelManagers Australia, with this Friday 5 March the third and final article and video will be on, when I will be chatting with some of TravelManagers Australia’s Personal Travel Managers who are right at the coal face of travel, dealing with their clients every day, making sure that the provide their clients with the best possible service and of course, exactly what their clients are seeking and want delivered in the travel experiences.

TravelManagers Australia’s Personal Travel Managers are based all over Australia and they will be telling me all about what it is like working for TravelManagers Australia as a home based TravelManagers Australia Personal Travel Manager, and as a member of that amazing TravelManagers Australia Manager family.

So don’t miss my final article and video right here on on Friday March 5, 2021…don’t miss it!

A report by John Alwyn-Jones