Comscore today announced the addition of new state clusters to its digital audience measurement suite in India. The introduction of the new clusters allows subscribers of Comscore’s digital audience measurement solutions to expand their access to gain a deeper understanding of digital audiences based on location within India.

The release of state clusters unlocks new opportunities for publishers, advertisers and agencies, with users now having the ability to segment consumers based on their location in 16 states across India. As a result, subscribers will be able to tailor their audience insights to match the customer locations a brand or product aims to reach.

“We are delighted to be bringing this new capability to our digital audience measurement suite in India” said Kedar Gavane, Senior Vice President for APAC at Comscore. “When planning for a market as diverse and large as India, the more granular data you can have the better. With over 70,000 newspapers for example, India’s consumers are spoilt for choice and advertisers need to understand where their audience sits in the vast media landscape. These new clusters will afford our clients the insights they need to make informed decisions in their planning.”