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Data presented by Bankr indicates that the top ten firms have a cumulative brand value of $1.15 trillion. The value is on a year-to-date basis.

Essential services brands soar in value

American tech giant Apple’s brand value has surged by 38% to $322.99 billion. Amazon has recorded the largest brand value growth on a year-to-date basis by 60% to $200.66 billion.

Microsoft’s brand value has grown by 53% to $166 billion. Google brand value places it in fourth place with a drop of 1% to $165.44 billion.

Samsung’s brand value has grown by 2% to $62.28 billion. Beverage manufacturer CocaCola’s brand value lies in sixth place, with a decline of 10% to $56.89 billion. Toyota’s brand value stands at $51.59 billion, a drop of 8%.

The Mercedes Benz brand value stands at 49.26 billion after dropping by 3%. McDonald’s brand value is at $42.81 billion after dropping by 8%. Disney’s brand value lies in the tenth position at $40.77 billion after dropping by -8%.

The research highlighted why some brands had recorded a significant spike in value. According to the research report:

“It is worth mentioning that Amazon showed its strengths after beating earlier fears that it would fail to meet surging home delivery demands. Initially, the company’s home delivery logistics were stretched. The ability to manage the changing environment was a bonus for Amazon. Overall, the lockdown-induced online shopping boom also spelled good fortunes for logistics and shipping companies.”

The research also overviewed the biggest risers in brand value in 2020. Amazon is top with 60%, followed by Microsoft at 53%, while Spotify is third with a growth of 52%.

Streaming platform Netlif brand value grew by 41%, similar to adobe.

Other top gaineers include; PayPal (38%), Apple (38%), Salesforce.com (34%), Nintendo (31%), and Mastercard (17%).