CQUniversity has launched its newest research centre that will focus on regional economies and supply chains.

Aptly named the Centre for Regional Economies and Supply Chains (CRESC), the Centre combines the expertise of CQUniversity’s leading researchers in issues focused on the development and enhancement of economic systems, the tourism industry and supply and value chains that are vital to regional and rural areas.

CRESC Director Associate Professor Delwar Akbar said the Centre would allow research leaders and team members to work on a broad range of industry and research partnerships with governments and community organisations to improve regional outcomes.

“In addition to improving regional outcomes, CRESC will look to better protect natural resources, increase human capital and entrepreneurial thinking in regional communities, and improve supply chains within, and outside of, regional Australia,” Assoc. Prof Akbar explained.

“The Centre also offers the opportunity to consolidate and grow existing research activities that have been conducted across the international community, particularly in the UK, Europe, North America and East, South and South-east Asia.”

CRESC work will be achieved under three major research themes/program areas including:

  • Regional and Rural Economies;
  • Tourism Development;
  • Supply and Value Chains.

Whilst the Centre is not externally funded, there are already a number of externally-funded research projects underway under CRESC including:

  • Exporting Perishable Commodities project, funded by CRCNA (2018-2021);
  • GBR Supply Chain project, funded by the Queensland Department of Environment and Sciences (2018-2021);
  • Regional Economies Centre of Excellence project, funded by the Queensland Government (2020-2021);
  • Regional Mobility Services project (partnership with Griffith University), funded by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (2020-2021);
  • Aboriginal science and knowledge to inform further practices and participation in the Wet Tropics bioregion funded by Wet Tropics Cooperative Research Partnership (2020-2021).

Assoc. Prof Akbar said he hoped to see CRESC develop into a world-class research centre.

“I want to see CRESC contribute to economic and business systems research and improve quality of life in regional Australia and beyond.”