The CHOICE Shonkys are the award no one wants to receive.

Shonky products, services, businesses and industries – beware!

In 2020, we’re adapting the CHOICE Shonkys as a COVID safe media event. The event will be held in mid-November (we’ll provide the exact date closer to the event) this year to allow us to work more closely with you in the lead up.

The ceremony

To be COVID safe, the ceremony will be pre-recorded and made available via Dropbox link – filmed by a professional news camera operator.

Television/visual media

CHOICE will provide filming opportunities on embargo for television networks and visual media in the coming weeks. Each crew will be invited at different times to ensure we can maintain strong COVID safe protocols and cleaning for your safety.

You’ll have access to your usual filming opportunities – the Shonky products, props, access to CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland, our labs and range of experts.

Contact Katelyn Cameron (, 0430 172 669) to arrange access to the early embargo/filming opportunity. We’re putting the final touches on this year’s “winners” right now.


The CHOICE Shonkys will be available as usual on a limited embargo just before the event.

Contact Katelyn (, 0430 172 669) to request an early embargo.

If any of your colleagues would like to receive our media releases, please encourage them to sign up here:

Thank you for your support in calling out shonky products and behaviour every year. CHOICE is a non profit organisation – so we thank you for helping the community to avoid shonks.