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If you’re someone who enjoys making every aspect of your device your own, the Good Lock application provides a wide range of customizable features that let you personalize the appearance and interface experience of your Galaxy device.

In order to put the power of customization straight into your hands, several exciting new features have come to the Good Lock app. Along with three brand new applications designed to help you make your S Pen, wallpaper and keyboard truly your own, two existing handy apps are also being updated with new features to provide you with maximum device ease of use.


Style Your S Pen

The first new app that has come to Good Lock is Pentastic, an app that lets you customize the way your S Pen works for you. Pentastic allows you to personalize how your S Pen responds to you by providing different theme and sound options for features such as Air command and Hover pointer.

Furthermore, Pentastic allows you to set up your own dedicated S Pen shortcut. With this feature, you can select an app to immediately launch by double tapping the S Pen on your smartphone screen while simultaneously holding down the S Pen button. This ensures you have instant access to the functionalities that mean the most to you.

Live Life in 3D

Customizing your device’s homescreen and lockscreen is one way of definitively making your smartphone your own, and with the Wonderland app, you can take this one step further by creating 3D moving wallpapers for your device.

Wonderland is an app that supports easy and quick 3D wallpaper creation. Once you’ve selected a wallpaper and an image to transform in the app, you can apply motion effects and particle effects and choose from a range of presets to create a moving wallpaper that is as unique as it is dynamic.

Curate Your Keyboard

Given its crucial role in how we use our smartphones and tablets, the keyboard is naturally one of the most commonly-used functionalities of any device. In order to provide a keyboard experience that is optimized to your tastes, the upcoming Keys Cafe app is set to let you customize your keyboard settings to be more comfortable for you thanks to its keyboard height and width resizing and key layout repositioning options.

Furthermore, you will be able to insert some personality into your keyboard experience with the range of themes and dynamic effects available in the Keys Cafe app. Keys Cafe will also launch with an exciting feature that turns typing into a game by providing scores and rankings to help minimize your typos.

Customize Your Experiences
The upcoming update to the Home Up app is set to provide you with more control over the sharing process. Through the Share Manager feature, you will be able to choose to hide specific commands – such as Share Nearby and Direct Share – from the sharing window as you choose, and manage your Direct Share contacts by electing favorites or ones to hide. Furthermore, you can enjoy more control over the sharing UX by managing the apps that appear in your sharing window.

Updates to the MultiStar app have brought the I ♡ Galaxy Tablet feature to users, which allows you to enjoy all-new Wireless Keyboard Sharing. This feature lets you connect your smartphone to the Book Cover Keyboard attached to your tablet and seamlessly switch between typing on both devices. The MultiStar app also supports more convenient orientation shifting for pinned apps, allowing you options for how the pinned app moves when you shift between portrait and landscape modes.

Pentastic and Wonderland are available to users now. Keys Cafe and the updated Home Up applications will be available on the Good Lock app at the beginning of October.