No matter how the times change, one thing will always remain true: there’s nothing quite like the ultimate road trip.  It sounds cliché: the wind in your hair, driving down a well-worn road. But a road trip is an experience not like any other. A road trip is the ultimate way to vacation freely. There’s no flight path, no railway, no itinerary, nothing. It’s just you, your buddies, and the open road. You can stop and go wherever and whenever your heart desires.

It’s no wonder there are so many movies about road trips. Britney Spears starred in Crossroads, about three childhood friends who reconnect on a cross-country road trip. Johnny Depp starred in Fear and Loathing, about a debaucherous journalist on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Jim Carrey starred in Dumb and Dumber, about two hapless friends on a journey to return a suitcase of cash. The list goes on!

If you’re feeling inspired to adventure out on your own road tip, let us guide you! Here are our favorite tips on how to plan the ultimate road trip.

Tip #1 for the Ultimate Road Trip: Keep it loose.

There’s a real art to finding the right balance of planned and unplanned, when it comes to road trips. The beauty of road trips is their spontaneity. You’ll come across all sorts of discoveries that you never could have mapped out, like the World’s Only Corn Palace in South Dakota, or the International Banana Museum in Mecca, California. We recommend planning out the big stops, like National Parks, hotels, or visits to friends and family along the way. Otherwise, let the road take you where it will! Plan plenty of extra time between each destination for detours along the way. You’re sure to come across roadside attractions that tickle your fancy, and a loose plan will allow you the freedom to stop and check it out!

Tip #2 for the Ultimate Road Trip: Don’t forget a paper map.

GPS is a truly amazing tool, until it stops working. Most of us rely on our smartphone’s maps to get us from point A to point B. That’s great in metropolitan areas with tons of cellular service and sometimes even free wifi, but a road trip will take you through plenty less-than-metropolitan areas. The last thing you want is to get lost in the middle of nowhere without a working map, and with no one to help for miles around. That’s why you should never leave for a road trip without a paper map. You can find paper maps at gas stations, and sometimes even for free at your local Auto Club.


Tip #3 for the Ultimate Road Trip: Pack wisely.

When it comes to travel by car, space is limited. When it comes to non-essentials like entertainment, be sure to pack wisely. A good rule of thumb is that any sort of non-essential you bring should be able to last for more than just a night. For instance, pick a deck of cards over a murder mystery game. You can play countless games with a deck of cards, but once you’ve solved the mystery, your murder mystery game isn’t going to do you much good.

Same goes for wellness items. Rather than packing a box of calming tea, bring a stress reliever that’s compact and will last the entirety of your trip, like a CBD vape pen (we love the pens from CBDfx).

Tip #4 for the Ultimate Road Trip: Bring an emergency kit.

A road trip is going to push your car pretty hard—potentially harder than it’s ever been pushed before. And there may be some bumps along the way, or flat tires, or overheating engines. Be sure to always bring an emergency kit on your road trip, complete with jumper cables, flares, motor oil, coolant, a first aid kit, and more. You can purchase a roadside emergency kit for any automotive accessory retailer, or build one yourself.

Tip #5 for the Ultimate Road Trip: Take it easy.

A road trip is perhaps the most important time to remember: it’s about the journey, not the destination! Road trips can throw lots of unexpected twists and turns (literally and metaphorically) your way. An “I’m just along for the ride” attitude will keep your stress down during your road trip, and ensure you’ll have a whole lot of fun! Happy roadtripping!