Sustainable travel also means thinking about your journey. Every type of transport has advantages and disadvantages in terms of its own comfort and environmental impact. The location of the hotel can also determine the means of transport. Green Pearls® hotels are also keen to find sustainable solutions for this part of your vacation as well.

When travelling to distant regions on other continents, air travel is often the only means of transport. In such cases, reducing the length of the journey is crucial to avoid unnecessary CO2 consumption. If possible, the journey to the other end of the world should not only be for two days. If you take a plane, the greenhouse gases should best be compensated, and there are now countless suppliers and different models for this.

A bus or train journey can help you develop a closer relationship with the destination country and also with the areas that are passed on the way. This often leads to enjoyable contact with fellow travellers, or in the meantime, there is often WLAN available on public transport. The opportunity to get moving and stretch your legs briefly during the journey is also offered. Travelling by car makes sense if there are a number of people travelling with you. Therefore, it can be interesting to think about sharing options. You don’t always have to travel by whatever car you use in your everyday life.

Another important aspect of a sustainable arrival and departure is to, of course, avoid littering. The most environmentally friendly way is to bring your own drinks and food in reusable containers. These can also be used for day trips during your stay.


The sustainable awareness in this Green Pearls® partner hotel starts even before your arrival. On the hotel’s website, there is a travel calculator to help you compensate for your journey to the hotel. The barrier-free train station in Bad Herrenalb is only 500 meters away from the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA and the short distance can be easily covered on foot. There is a shuttle service that can be requested that takes guests directly to the hotel. However, climate-friendly forms of transport are encouraged during the stay. Many beautiful hiking trails start right outside the door, but if you are looking for a faster means of transport, you can rent an e-car or e-bikes from the city.

ROMANTIC Boutique Hotel & SPA: Relax and Recharge

At the ROMANTIC Boutique Hotel & SPA, your own electric car can be recharged via the in-house system. And here too, it is not far to the train station. The main station of the city Panevėžys is only about 1.5 kilometers away from the hotel. The sustainable accommodation is located in a former mill. The Senvagè city park can be reached on foot in 10 minutes and bicycles and electric scooters can also be rented for longer tours of the surrounding area.

Creativhotel Luise: Versatile and Sustainable

The Green Pearls® member Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen is also located near a train station. Both the train and bus station are within walking distance, or the short distance can alternatively be covered by public bus. By prior arrangement, guests can be picked up with a Tesla directly from the train station or elsewhere in the near vicinity. The hotel has its own charging station for electric cars. The Cretivhotel has been awarded the status of a Bicycle Hotel by the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrradclub (General German Bicycle Club) and offers many advantages to bicycle travelers. There are additional options for getting around during your stay, for example, a Tesla, which is parked on the hotel grounds, can be rented. The sustainable hotel is very centrally located and both the city center of Erlangen and some beautiful parks are only a stones-throw away.