Vienna Airport’s VIP Terminal sets a benchmark for expedited arrivals and departures in one of the world’s most convenient airports.

As Vienna continues to transform itself from repository of European history to global city, Vienna Airport is making a similar move to serve the 21st-century deluxe traveller with high style and personalised attention with an ultraprivate VIP Terminal. No doubt busy government officials and corporate executives coming to visit OPEC’s headquarters or attend one of the many summits held in this capital of diplomacy appreciate the discretion and efficiency of the VIP Terminal, which sends a greeter to meet travellers right off the plane and whisk them to a separate building away from the main terminals where Immigration procedures take place in private and baggage tags (if travelling commercial) are passed on to a Guest Services Manager for retrieval of any luggage. The spacious lounges are private living rooms where passengers can relax upon arrival or before departure; departing passengers simply head to one of these private lounges while staff handle check-in, procuring boarding passes and checking baggage as necessary on behalf of the client.

Naturally, those passengers flying on board Austrian Airlines benefit from the service of the VIP Terminal on a regular basis as they pass through the airline’s hub, a gateway to Eastern Europe favoured for the very short connection times that make transits between flights easy and stressless.

Connections from intercontinental commercial flights to private aircraft provided by Lufthansa Private Jet further enhance the experience at Vienna Airport for travellers continuing to destinations beyond Vienna, already a popular destination for leisure travel but raising its profile as a centre for education, business, and diplomacy thanks to top-rated universities, improved infrastructure for modern enterprises, and headquarters for many United Nations agencies.

Many people are surprised to learn that the famous Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries, known more informally to the world as OPEC, has its worldwide headquarters in Vienna. So do many other organisations and businesses; Vienna’s central location in a country with a stable government makes it a favourite place for doing business.  Huge investments in infrastructure in recent years include a brand-new central train station and new terminals at Vienna Airport. The appeal of Vienna as a business hub will continue to grow. Symbolic of the warm Austrian welcome everyone receives at VIE, Vienna Airport is one of the few in the world to offer behind the scenes tours of the airport’s operations to educate visitors to the many aspects of running a successful airport facility.

by Robert La Bua