A longtime favourite of upscale visitors to Paris, Hotel Esprit Saint Germain is one of the City Of Light’s most welcoming five-star establishments.  Dispensing with the stiff formality of larger hotels, Esprit Saint Germain serves rather as a home away from home for guests who seek more intimate accommodation after a day out seeing the sights.  Refreshing, too, after that day out is the open bar, a signature feature of the hotel, where guests can help themselves to a variety of soft drinks, wines, champagne, and spirits.

Though there is no restaurant on the premises, a dining salon serves as a breakfast room to enjoy fine foods served in the morning hours.  In the afternoon and evening, this room is open for guests to enjoy light snacks while also enjoying their drinks.  On the other side of the reception area is a living room which is similarly welcoming for guests to relax.

Increasing the appeal of Esprit Saint Germain are the newly refurbished guestrooms that bring a new air of freshness to the property.  Return guests, of which there are many, will notice a lightened colour palette as well as more artistic decor, further heightening the enjoyment of a stay here on the Left Bank just a short walk from Boulevard Saint Germain, Saint-Sulpice church, and both the Luxembourg Garden and Luxembourg Museum.  Esprit Saint Germain’s location can’t be beat for exploration of Paris by day or night, being at it is within walking distance of many of the cities top attractions as well as shops, bars, and restaurants of the exuberant Left Bank.  The most coveted rooms at Esprit Saint Germain have their own private terraces, where guests can enjoy a quintessentially Parisian view without even leaving the hotel.

As is always the case, it is the staff that make a stay at a hotel happy, and so it is at Esprit Saint Germain where every employee is genuinely delighted to make the guest experience maximally positive.  Perfecting a blend of friendliness and professionalism, staffmembers at the hotel turn the stereotype of French hotel workers on its head by actually caring about their guests’ experience while in residence.

Esprit Saint Germain is not nearly as famous as some other top hotels in Paris.  Both the management and guests seem very happy to keep it that way.

Esprit Saint Germain

Written by:  Robert La Bua