Industry Club Announcement

Dear Member

As you are all aware, in the near term travel has suddenly come to a halt.

Such a sudden drastic change to our lives and dreams is certainly upsetting for everyone. Our industry is in total shutdown with airlines, cruise lines, hotels etc having to stop their services. It is catastrophic to our industry and you, our members, who are currently in the industry will no doubt be affected, and those who previously were, will understand where we are at.

Travel Industry Club is currently processing the cancellations either advised by the airline, cruise line etc or by you. Being a new phenomena, the policies of each company have been changing and developing on a daily basis.

Most of the cruise lines are offering refunds of the funds they received or offering future cruise credits of a higher value than the original fare. Most people are electing to take the future cruise credits because they get a much better monetary result. The airlines all seem to have different policies and if I can generalise most are offering credits – all taken on a case by case basis.

Cancellations have been adhoc and last minute as the industry tried to stay in operation. Most of them have been in the immediate time and near future. Many of you have bookings mid to later in the year which are still “live” and hopefully will proceed. If you are thinking of cancelling, our advice is to wait until the “supplier” announces the cancellation of their services, if they do – you will get a much better result than if you cancel beforehand. This advice is based on what we have experienced so far.

With the travel ban announcements these last two weeks, like all in the tourism & hospitality sectors, our company is adjusting to the new conditions and as one of the measures, we are reducing staff working times.
Due to the large number of cancellations we are handling please bear with us as there is a lot of work to be done in processing these for you. Refunds will be slow due to the volume but we will get these to you as soon as they are received.

On the brighter side when travel services return, we expect there will be some great opportunities. We will work with our industry suppliers to ensure you have access to our new and fabulous industry offers as we receive them.

We thank you for your continued support. At Travel Industry Club we will continue to provide you with our best customer service.

We trust you stay safe and well.

Yours in Travel

Sue Francis