HospitalityUnited.Club, a consortium of travel technology companies, will be hosting a webinar to look at how businesses can respond to and recover from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and prepare for recovery. The webinar will bring together industry leaders to discuss the evolving business landscape and explore new ways of doing business.

The hour-long webinar session titled ‘Path to Recovery for Travel Businesses – United We Can’ will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2020 between 13:00 – 14:00 GMT and is open for everyone to attend. Esteemed speakers on the panel include Mr. Jose Diaz, Chief Commercial Office, TravelGateX, Mr. Reuel Ghosh, Group CEO, eRevMax, Mr. Chris Blaine, VP – EMEA, Sojern and Mr. James Cannon, Sales & Marketing Director at Guestline.

“There is a lot of uncertainty around the potential economic impacts of COVID-19. I personally feel it is crucial for all of us to understand and identify the triggers once the recovery phase begins and that is what we should be discussing and preparing for. It is time for us to join forces and participate in virtual discussions to learn from each other to come out stronger,” commented Reuel Ghosh, Group CEO, eRevMax.

“We are facing a never seen before situation that will require the best of everyone. We will have to deliver genuine ways to reduce uncertainty, take control and increase diversification,” said Jose Díaz, CCO, TravelgateX.

“The COVID-19 outbreak clearly presents a significant threat to the travel industry as a whole and it is unlike anything I have previously witnessed,” commented Chris Blaine, VP of EMEA at Sojern.“However, this isn’t going to last forever. The industry will recover, but it will take time. Travel Marketers need to be prepared and ready for this recovery and whilst there is likely to be plenty of pent-up demand, travellers will also be initially very cautious. We are likely to see domestic tourism recover first and long-haul following later.  It’s important to base your strategies on real-time consumer behavior which will inevitably follow the path to recovery.”

The webinar aims to cover the following broad topics to provide key insights to the audience on business continuity, best practices and new strategies.

  • Going back to basics – personalisation and interactivity
  • Hotel revenue management – occupancy vs pricing
  • Creating new source markets and optimizing distribution
  • Repositioning employee focus for generating new revenue streams
  • Understanding and defining trigger points on the path to recovery

The session will be followed by Q&A for attendees to share their questions and concerns and get it answered by our expert team of panelists.
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